Dried jujube has more storage methods, including bags, Tibetans, and sheds. However, in the event of adverse environmental conditions, it is prone to dampness, mildew, worms, short storage periods, or complete air-drying, resulting in thin and meatless. According to the characteristics of jujube, many research institutes have conducted a lot of research on dry jujube storage technology and have found out some feasible methods:
First, it is packaged and stored in plastic bags. This method can maintain the quality of jujube, and the investment is small, the technology is simple, and the storage time is longer. The specific method is: using a 0.07 mm thick polyethylene film to make a bag of 5 kg dried jujube bag, place it in a tightly sealed soil, and pump it in a dry and cool room. In this method, dried jujube color is good and tasteful after storage for 1 year, and the good fruit rate is above 95%;
The second is controlled atmosphere storage. This method has the advantages of low cost, pest control, mildew resistance, and quality of dried dates. According to the test of the fruit wholesale department of Shijiazhuang City, the amount of nitrogen in the plastic account or the content of carbon dioxide in the account was controlled so that the content was less than 8%. These two methods store red dates for 142 days. The red dates are still dry, the peel does not return sugar, and the taste is normal. Two days after the insects were put into the air account, the insects would all die.

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