Clever use of tomatoes to treat mouth ulcers

Tomato is slightly cold, can raise Yin Sheng Jin, spleen and stomach, Pinggan heat, suitable for fever caused by yin caused by loss of appetite, stomach hot thirst embolism. Tomatoes contain lycopene, an antioxidant that inhibits oxygen free radicals in certain carcinogens and prevents cancer fro-----

The reason why sows do not have estrus, repeated infert…

The fact that sows do not produce estrus or repeat infertility during production is common in the production. Due to the lack of effective treatment methods, some sows cannot be matched in time, which directly affects the economic benefits of pig production and causes certain economic losses. The r-----

Electronic balance fault repair and proper use

First, the electronic balance 1. Select the desired specification using an electronic balance selected electronic balance, the main consideration on the balance and weighing should meet the requirements of sensitivity, the structure should be adapted to the characteristics of the balance of the wor-----

Human glucagon (GC) ELISA

Kit instruction manual This kit is for research use only. examination range:                                                        -----

Using cigarettes to repair locomotives

Cigarettes can be used to diagnose and repair breakdowns in locomotives, and are specially designed for temporary emergency use under conditions of limited or mission-critical emergencies. Its method: The first is to use the smoke method to check each vent. The air vents on the transmission, rear-----

Prevention of tomato leaf disease after turning cold

Recently, the reporter learned from an interview with the Gucheng Street in Shouguang City: Recently, the weather turned cold, the humidity in the shed increased, the temperature dropped, and the light weakened. The tomato leaf disease was more common. However, many vegetable farmers did not recogn-----

Management of breeder breeders to increase breeder hatc…

Management of breeder chickens: There are many sub-items, and the weak links that are easily overlooked by aquaculture friends are the sanitation and disinfection of the farms and the years of use of breeders. Scientists tell us that not all pathogenic infections can cause morbidity. Only a certain-----