Method for adjusting acid in rice seedlings

(1) 100 square meters (1 hectare of Honda) 98% concentrated sulfuric acid 3 kilograms is poured into 300 kilograms of water, throws the 1% concentration sulfuric acid water to spray on the 100 square meters seedbed the day before the wobble plate sowing. Set the bed soil pH to 4.5 to 5.5. (2) 100-----

Five misunderstandings used in air conditioning

Five Mistakes in Air Conditioning We use air conditioners on a daily basis. Do you think that air conditioners often fail? In fact, many cases are caused by the improper use of air conditioners. Today we will list some of the incorrect methods used in the air conditioni-----

Experimental mice cannot replace human embryonic stem c…

Yale University scientists announced on the 5th that their newly completed research reveals in detail how the three genes in human embryonic stem cells control human development. This result is expected to help people understand how to cultivate these cells for disease treatment. Researchers publi-----

How to use the ball mill correctly

The production process of the ball mill is a process of excellence and pursuit of perfection. For Bailing Machine, this process is a process in which workers show themselves and cast fine products. The sales of ball mills, the maintenance of ball mills, and the operators of ball mills provide patien-----

Sweet nectarine dense plant early fruit high yield tech…

First, the choice and arrangement of the garden: Peach drought, fear of embarrassment. It is necessary to ensure that the trees can be planted on a row, dry land, and flat land. The water and fertilizer are sufficient, and growth is good, but the ventilation and drainage are poor. Therefore, it is-----

How to cultivate plum blossoms?

Wumeimei is also known as lantana and stinky grass. It is an erect or semi-convex shrub of the verbena family. From May to October of flowering stage, hemispherical capitate inflorescences are densely enclosed by most florets; the color is variable, and initially yellow or pink, then orange or oran-----

Cultivation and utilization of forage grass and efficie…

At present, there are several modes for adopting more gargle arrangements: In terms of species arrangement throughout the year, ryegrass + sudangrass + ryegrass, ryegrass + mexican corn + ryegrass are used. In the arrangement of planting area, it is determined by estimating the amount of pasture p-----