European luxury 2012 curtain fabric protagonist | China…

Editor: Royal Elizabeth Curtain Fabric Website: Article Summary: In recent years, soft furnishings have become an indispensable part of the home improvement process. Curtain fabrics are more highly valued and favored by consumers because of their diverse and varied styles. It is often dazzled by c-----

Exhaust pipe blasting causes and exclusion

Exhaust pipe blasting caused by more than the mixture is too concentrated, the ignition time is not correct, the spark plug is not working well, capacitance failure, distributor power contact points burned, high-voltage line moisture and so on. When inspecting the exhaust pipe for blasting, first-----

Second-hand smoke or infections that increase invasive …

Release date: 2012-12-13 In recent years, the dangers of second-hand smoke to children have become more and more obvious. A recent study published in the international magazine BMC Medicine revealed that second-hand smoke and fetal tobacco exposure caused by mother smoking can significantly inc-----

Greenhouse eggplant bottom leaves chlorosis, how to con…

Upon inquiry, it was learned that the farmer had applied a large amount of uncomminuted pig manure to the ground. Due to the high temperature in the shed, the secondary decomposation of pig manure occurs, and the air nitrogen content increases, causing burning of seedlings and chlorosis of the bott-----

Three wards for waking hens

The brooding nest is the breeding instinct of the hen and is related to the breed of chicken. Hen hugs often cause their egg production rate to drop, which will affect the production efficiency. Therefore, effective measures must be taken to wake up the hug hens. The method is nothing more than th-----

Transplanting Pepper to Prevent "Three Diseases&qu…

After the transplanting of the greenhouse peppers, root diseases such as root rot, bacterial wilt, and epidemic diseases are frequently caused due to temperature, humidity, and other problems, resulting in dead plants, which not only delays the season, but also causes serious production losses. Th-----

Duck house needs damp proof

1. The relocation of ducks in the duck farm in Surabaya should be about 100 meters away from the water source, so that ducks need to walk a distance from the water bank to enter the duck house. When walking this section of road, they can shake the water droplets on the feathers so that they do not-----