How to prevent cattle and sheep from falling out in win…

The lack of green feed in winter, cattle and sheep are easy to lose weight, how to prevent this phenomenon? In addition to doing well in cold insulation and sanitation, we must also take three measures. First, when the weather is sunny and the wind and warm weather, grazing in the grass or hills -----

High polyiodide disinfection of fish species is good

During the winter period, it is the high season of fish blight, and the disinfection of fish species must be based on the prevention and control of hydromycosis. After the specific drug malachite green is banned, high polyiodide is an ideal drug for the prevention and control of hydromycosis. The f-----

Thresher use "ten to ten ban"

First, it should be properly kept after use. It is forbidden to park after use. Second, to stop after maintenance and repair. It is forbidden to use the product without maintenance before stopping. Third, to work under the rated load. It is strictly forbidden to work overloaded. Fourth, it must -----

Scientist Xu Rongxiang intends to announce the "hu…

Professor Xu Rongxiang, a famous Chinese life medicine scientist and chairman of Beijing Meibao International Group, today presented the Science Information Report to the heads of the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Ministry of Health. The report stated that, in due course, the company wi-----

Maintenance and maintenance of electronic balances

Maintenance and maintenance of electronic balances 1. Place the balance on a stable work surface to avoid vibration, airflow and sunlight. 2. Adjust the level bubble to the middle position before use. 3. The electronic balance should be preheated according to the requirements of the manual. 4. -----

Identification of male and female geese

In practice, the masses often use the following methods for identification. (1) The appearance of the gosling mainly consists of three observations. When one looks at the head and neck and the body, all the goslings are big, long, thick and long, slightly heavier, and have longer body length; othe-----

Pharmaceutical Enterprise Research Institute Cooperativ…

On December 25th, the Changzhou High-tech Research Institute of Nanjing University and Changzhou Fangyuan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. jointly signed a technical cooperation project on “New Technology for the Production of Etimicin Sulfate”. Vice Mayor Wang Chengbin attended the signing cere-----