It is not difficult to grasp five points to keep Nanjia…

“Nanjiang Yellow Sheep on the market now sells 20 yuan per catty. I would like to breed without fear of failure in technology. Can you help me?” On May 15, the reporter interviewed Wushan Miao Village, Gaoqiao Township, Nanjiang County. A farmer friend said urgently. The reporter Geng i-----

Honeysuckle Powdery Mildew Prevention and Treatment

Severe onset in warm, dry or shaded conditions. At the early stage of disease, white dots were formed on the leaves, and then gradually expanded into white patches, which continued to spread over the entire leaf, causing the leaves to yellow, shrink and deform, and finally caused the falling flower-----

Corn "three-space" planting technology

The dense varieties Liaodan 565 and Liaodan 1211 were selected. The "three-by-three-space" planting method: the ridge spacing is 47 cm, the spacing between the ridges is 20-22 cm, the spacing between the ridges is 40-44 cm, and 4 ridges are used as a cycle, that is, three ridges and one -----

Purple potato pollution-free cultivation techniques

Purple sweet potato is rich in anthocyanins, carotene and other substances, in recent years as a special high-grade agricultural products, high planting efficiency. In 2009, purple sweet potato cultivation was included in the Xinghua City High-efficiency Horticulture Vegetable and Vegetable Technol-----

Clever application of biogas fertilizer pear trees incr…

One, more strong fruit fertilizer is generally strong fruit fertilizer to be applied twice, once in the first month after flowering, once in two months after flowering. Every time a plant applies 20 kg of biogas residue or 50 kg of biogas slurry, 100 g of compound fertilizer can be used to deepen t-----

Cherry Blossom Management

At present, the cherry trees in Zhaoyang District are at the peak of flowering. Due to the effects of the last two years, the cherry production is very low, and some even have no harvest. The cherry tree is rich in nutrients in the later period, so this year's cherry blossoms have a special amo-----

Shaanxi "Poisonous Milk" incident continued: …

The students of the Central Elementary School in Yuhe Town, Yuyang District, Yulin City, Shaanxi Province, were drinking milk. At 9:00 on the 23rd, 251 students who had experienced discomfort were all discharged. The milk quality test report may be released on Wednesday or Thursday. Shaanx-----