Precautions for Raising Rabbits in Orchard

1. Avoid cutting and cutting fruit leaves at the spraying time of pesticides, and use highly efficient and low-toxicity pesticides. The best way to solve the problem of fruit leaf pesticide contamination is to cut and cut fruit leaves during the “safe period” of pesticides. Each pestic-----

How to choose a composite crusher

The composite crusher is mainly used in mining, sandstone, road and bridge construction, chemistry, coal and other industries. The main advantage of this machine is the combination of the impact crusher and the jaw crusher. The crushing equipment, the production of the machine greatly simplifies the-----

Brief analysis of the requirements for equipment accura…

The precision of the powder mixing equipment is the basic element to ensure the quality of the powder product, and its connotation generally includes mixing uniformity, natural residual amount, and sealing performance. Food, feed premixes and some chemical additives generally have higher requiremen-----

Maintenance of granule packing machine

Maintenance of the granule packing machine is essential for long-term use. The granule packing machine parts are lubricated. 1. The box part of the machine is equipped with an oil meter. All the oil should be refueled once before driving. It can be added according to t-----

Who certified the "organic certification"?

According to industry sources, some suppliers change their packaging to organic products, and most organic foods do not meet organic standards. The organic food certification organization said that it would pay a fee of 18,500 yuan and it would be ready for approval in one month. (October -----

Mushrooms pay attention to water

When replenishing water for mushroom bag, attention should be paid to the following points: First, the amount of water to be replenished. When the first mushroom is harvested, the culture material is rich in nutrients, the water content is still relatively high, and the amount of replenishment shou-----

RT-Mart supermarket superseded pesticide residues still…

Yesterday, the Office of the Shanghai Food Safety Commission issued inspections of food safety inspections from January to September this year. According to the notification, from January to September, the overall qualification rate of food safety in Changsha was 98.24%. In addition, the f-----