Eight methods for predicting tractor malfunctions

If a mechanical failure occurs during the operation of the tractor, light traffic accidents result, the person is injured, the vehicle is damaged, and the vehicle is destroyed. How to predict tractor operation failure and avoid accidents? Here are 8 simple methods: 1, shape forecast. By observing -----

Prevention and Control of Diseases and Pests of Grape D…

1, grape water jar disease, also known as color disease, manifested as abnormal fruit coloring, red (purple) color light shade dark, dull, white varieties of fruit bubble-like, soft flesh, peel and pulp easy Separation, as a package of acid water, the sugar content of the diseased fruit is signifi-----

Cotton seedling management

The cotton seedling management measures should focus on overcoming the adverse effects brought about by various natural disasters and other unfavorable factors, pay attention to improving the growth and development environment, realize the early growth of strong seedlings, and lay a solid foundati-----

Fish nutritional requirements and recipes

1, the nutritional needs of farmed fish: The optimum requirements for the main components of protein, fat, and sugar in fish feed vary depending on the type of fish, food habits, different stages of growth, water temperature, water quality, and feeding. 2, fish with feed formula: Here are some -----

Discussion on the program diagnosis method of chronic c…

Release date: 2007-08-07 The diagnostic method of chronic cough in children explores the etiology of chronic cough in children. The application of diagnostic method can clarify most of the causes. The etiology of the disease has age characteristics. History, physical examination, imaging examin-----

Freshwater lobster farming 5 Note

Freshwater lobster, also known as crayfish, is known as crawfish. In recent years, due to the favorable market prices, the trial of the crayfish pond aquaculture in Binhai County, Jiangsu Province has yielded a yield of about 200 kilograms and has achieved good results. Through two years of practi-----

Apple bagging six note

1, to strong trees bagging? The object of the bagging is a strong tree, if the plastic film bag sets in the results of weak trees, there will be a phenomenon of fruit, bagging effect is worse than not bagging. 2, before the bagging should be poured once permeated? According to observation, before-----