Four methods for attracting and killing mushrooms

First, pig bone trapping. The fresh pork bone is separated and discharged on the bed of the mushroom borer. After the mushroom is trapped, the pork bone is removed and it is smashed with boiling water. This is repeated until it is finished. Second, sweet and sour trapping. 1 kg of vinegar to 1 kg-----

Layered feeding method

The early stage of laying hens’ weight management is a headache for managers. The interval feeding method will solve this problem well. In the midst of the brooding, the light reduction stage is basically the same as the commercial broiler, and the lighting time in the breeding period is bas-----

How is Chinese medicine?

1. Selection of decocting appliances The quality of traditional Chinese medicine decoction has a close relationship with the selected decocting device. It is still better to use casserole, because the material of the casserole is stable and will not react with the che-----

The correct method of summer disinfection of scale farm…

The increase of temperature in summer is the period when pathogenic microorganisms multiply, and it is also the best time for disinfection and deterrence of farms. Scientific disinfection is an important part of the epidemic prevention work in farms, and it is also important to cut off transmission-----

Application of Glyphosate Control Technology to Weeds i…

The perennial weeds such as prickly peas, radicchio, reed, etc. have the characteristics of strong propagation ability, deep root system, and strong resistance to the drug. If the general chemical is used to control, the dosage must be increased, but it is likely to cause phytotoxicity and affect -----

Tomato sauce, tomato sauce skill processing

A tomato tart 1. Process flow: Material selection → Peeling → Squeezing → Hardening → Cleaning → Sugaring → Candied → Baking → Finished product. 2. Making points: Choice of ingredients: Choose a fruit that is thick and juicy, but full-red,-----

Beef cattle rational use of non-protein nitrogen

Non-protein nitrogen refers to non-protein nitrogenous substances, commonly used ammonia, urea, ammonium bicarbonate, ammonium hydrogen phosphate and urea complexes, etc., which can replace a part of protein feed, such as fish meal, bean cake (chicken) and so on. The urea complex can slow down the-----