Why can the swine fermentation bed pigs improve the pig…

After many years of practice, there are many drawbacks in feeding the cement floor housing. After many years of hard work, Beijing Huaxia Kangyuan Technology Co., Ltd. has basically overcome some of the shortcomings of the feeding of cement floor pens, and the environment has returned to the scatt-----

Raspberry cultivation technology

First, the choice of garden: Raspberry garden may have different options depending on the purpose of planting: First, according to the needs of domestic and foreign markets, choose to focus more contiguous land, generally in the 100 acres or acres or even more than 10,000 acres to establish a commo-----

Boar Casting Technology and Problems to Be Noted

The technique of boar barrage is often considered simple and easy to operate. However, it has been proved that death is often caused by boars in the castration, and the sows are rare. Therefore, boar omission can't be ignored. The age of the castrated young boar is preferably from 2 months to -----

Grape Winter Management Technology

First, deep turn the soil. Combined with the base fertilizer, the soil in the garden can be deep-ripened and the drainage system can be well-organized. Second, apply base fertilizer. Basal fertilizer is dominated by decomposed farmyard fertilizers, supplemented by chemical fertilizers. In general-----

Honeysuckle harvesting processing and storage

Harvested. The best time for honeysuckle picking is when the upper part of the flower buds are swollen slightly milky white and the lower part is greenish green. When the lotus root is to be released, the local people call it “10 points of flowering and 9 points of mining”. According t-----

Causes and Control Techniques of Grape Cracking

Fresh grape is an important tree species in the cultivation of fruit trees in China. However, fruit cracking often occurs before harvest, especially in the later years of fruit ripening. Fruit cracking not only affects the appearance of the fruit, but also leads to the infestation of exogenous micr-----

Which four kinds of water can't be drunk in the mor…

Long-term boiling water After boiling water for a long time, nitrogen-containing organic matter will be continuously decomposed into nitrite. In particular, water stored for a long time is inevitably contaminated with bacteria. At this time, decomposition of nitrogen-containing organic matter is -----