Melamine (Chemical formula: C3H6N6), commonly known as melamine, proteoglycan, IUPAC named "1,3,5-triazine-2,4,6-triamino", is a triazine nitrogen-containing heterocycle Organic compounds are used as chemical raw materials. It is a white monoclinic crystal, almost odorless, sligh-----

The effect of controlling medical expenses becomes incr…

Business Club December 17th The Ministry of Health issued the "Notice on Printing Clinical Pathways for Seven Diseases of Dermatology Specialties" on December 7th. In the previous year, there were 112 diseases that were clinically managed in the country. Pilot. Therefore, during -----

The National Standards for Essential Drugs Purchasing B…

Business Club December 15th The industry’s experts and entrepreneurs generally agree with innovations such as “double envelopes”, volume pricing, and classified procurement. Despite the late arrival, the unified national tender for essential drugs has been recognized by-----

Crops fertilize soil efficiently

Sand soil has large sand, loose soil, coarse grains, poor capillary performance, easy to lose fertilizer and water, and low potential nutrient content. This type of soil should be given more organic fertilizers, such as soil miscellaneous fertilizer, straw returned to the field, etc., and graduall-----

Freezing Techniques for Animal Husbandry during Freezin…

1. During the freezing period, the window and the air leakage area of ​​the livestock and poultry pens should be covered with plastic film or wind tarpaulin to prevent the tuyere from being blown by the cold wind, resulting in frostbite and incidence of livestock and poultry. 2. Dur-----

Years of flowers keep flowers long and long

At home should pay attention to control the temperature around 20 °C, try to increase the indoor humidity. Some people think that spraying water on flower leaves and flowers can play a role in humidification. This only works when the root of the flower is damaged. When the root system is in goo-----

Set vegetables to pay attention to what?

Recently, the reporter discovered some vegetable farmers in Daotian Township, Shouguang City to bring the summer melons to market in advance. Tomatoes in the sheds have not yet been pulled out and will be planted with melon seedlings. Although this practice is good, certain key technologies must b-----