Late autumn flock management five attention

1. Prepare for cold weather Regardless of the size of the chicken farm, before the arrival of winter, conduct a comprehensive inspection and maintenance of the chicken house, block the wall cracks, replace the door and window glass, prepare for the winter film, grass curtain, semi-open chicken ho-----

Australia develops artificial skin for the treatment of…

Release date: 2006-10-16 Australia develops artificial skin for the treatment of skin ulcers Australian scientist Chris Jackson has recently developed an artificial skin for the treatment of skin ulcers. After 4 weeks of using this artificial skin, the ulcer area can be reduced by up to 20%. T-----

Woodland stocking chickens technical points

Local chickens are also known as grass chickens and stupid chickens. They refer to broilers that are stocked in mountain forests and orchards. Because of its delicious meat, rich nutrition, pollution-free pollution, meat, eggs are green food, popular in recent years favored by people, prices contin-----

Main points of storage methods for wet rice

Q: I am a rice grower and caught the rain when harvesting rice, so that the harvested rice was wet with rain. Will the wet rice be stored? A: As far as your questions are concerned, the editor has consulted relevant experts. According to reports, in the harvest rice season is often the case of rai-----

Laver deep-water floating raft farming method

First, the basic situation 1. The aquaculture sea area of ​​the breeding site was selected to be located in the waters near the peach tree on the west side of Laiwu Island of Chenghai City with a smooth current and moderate wave. The sediment is sandy and is conducive to enhancing th-----

How to use farmyard fertilizers correctly

Compost, green manure, manure, etc. We collectively call it a farmyard fertilizer. Although these fertilizers contain nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, their properties are different, and the scope of use varies from fertilizer to fertilizer. The rational use of fertilizers ca-----

Breeding cultivation management technology

With the development of gardening and the improvement of the level of garden art, evergreen trees have become an indispensable part of modern gardens. They play an important role in beautifying and greening cities and protecting and improving the urban environment. The Luohe City in the south of He-----