Autumn guards against dry eye disease

Dry eye symptoms From the moment, the eyes often feel dry, burning or foreign body sensation, increase the number of blinks, close the eyes and feel comfortable, but the damage caused by corneal epithelial damage and light, tingling, or even an abnormal amount of tears, powerful corneal ulcers ca-----

Healthy eating must know five major diet errors

Healthy eating is one of the topics we are concerned about. How can we eat healthily? First of all, we must avoid some food misunderstandings. The health care provider Xiao Jian will introduce five dietary errors for everyone. After knowing these dietary errors, we can solve these misunderstanding-----

Large-scale disease prevention and control of Whelan

(1) Epidemics: Epidemics can be classified as black rot, heart rot, stalk rot, damping-in, etc., due to different sites and different diseases, which occur throughout the year. In the greenhouse with high temperature, excessive watering, and poor ventilation, a large amount of water accumulates in-----

How to take care of healthy diet after the beginning of…

The elderly need to prevent "autumn tigers" It is already beginning to fall, but the hot and humid has not completely subsided. To exercise in this season should avoid excessive exercise and excessive activity. Especially the middle-aged and older people must be more relaxed. The same e-----

Heilongjiang Food and Drug Administration Builds a Rura…

To further strengthen food and drug supervision and ensure the safety of food and drug use by the public, Shuangcheng City, Heilongjiang Province has actively explored and innovated the mechanism for the supervision of food and drug administration. It has officially established a food and -----

Human soluble CD30 molecule (sCD30) ELISA kit instructi…

Human soluble CD30 molecule (sCD30) ELISA kit   ( used in serum, plasma, cell culture supernatants and other biological fluids ) principle This experiment used double antibody sandwich ABC-ELISA. The anti-human sCD30 mAb was coated on the microtiter plate, the sCD30 in the standard and the sam-----

Prevention and control of autumn tomato diseases

Virus disease is the outstanding disease of tomatoes in autumn. The sources of toxicity include tomato yellow leaf curl virus, tobacco mosaic virus, and cucumber mosaic virus. A variety of virus diseases may occur due to mixed infections in the field. Shade nets and insect nets should be used to r-----