The premature decline of cucumber in greenhouse and the…

Greenhouse cucumbers tend to produce such a phenomenon in the early spring cultivation that the melon pods gradually decline after May, and the vegetative growth and reproductive growth are seriously deregulated, and the number of the fruits is significantly decreased, and the resistance is obvious-----

Jinbao Fermentation Bed (Pigster Waste Cleaner)

Jinbao Fermentation Bed (Pigster Waste Cleaner) Cement is a product of modern industrial civilization and has made significant contributions to the promotion of social progress. However, modern people living in the “reinforced concrete jungle” are also quite impressed by the lack of c-----

Several measures of breeding management

The meat is delicious and nutritious, rich in nutrients, and its protein content is as high as 30.1%. It contains 8 kinds of essential amino acids, and its fat content is only 3.6%. It is a high-protein, low-cholesterol high-quality game meat food. The current breeding quail is an American red-leg-----

Management and precautions of salmon fry

I. Management During the summer cultivation of carp fry, we must implement fine management to completely disinfect the water body, prevent pathogens from being brought into the nursery pool, strictly control the water quality, and promptly discharge the sewage. In due course, the bait fish should b-----

High-yield and high-efficiency cultivation techniques f…

In recent years, with the strategic adjustment of agriculture and rural industrial structure in Shenyang City and the accelerating pace of the internationalization of rural economy, we have focused on giving full play to regional and resource advantages, highlighting the development of characterist-----

Early control method of corn empty straw

Corn often produces inedible spikes or spikes, but little or no granules. It is called "gun ring" and called empty stalk. The causes of corn empty stalks are as follows: 1. Congenital sterile culms. Also known as "public corn." It is mainly due to the decline of physiological f-----

Jinbao biogas fermentation agent (how to increase the l…

Jinbao biogas fermentation agent (how to increase the life of biogas) Biogas is conducive to solving rural energy problems, promoting the development of agricultural production, promoting the development of animal husbandry, improving sanitation conditions, protecting the ecological environment, -----