Balanced fertilization onion high yield

Onion is an annual balanced supply of spicy leafy vegetables, extremely resistant to storage and transportation, low production costs, and greater economic and social benefits. Anhui Province is one of the important producing regions of Chinese green onions. Since 2000, scientific and technical pe-----

How to scientifically select pesticides

First, science purchase First, you should go to a regular pesticide store to buy pesticides and not buy pesticides that are sold by mobile vendors. Before buying pesticides, consult agricultural technology extension workers or pesticide sales personnel according to the use of pesticides, applicab-----

The cultivating technology of pleasing green turtle

Green-eared turtle is a rare aquatic ornamental animal. It has always enjoyed the reputation of "living jade", "green-clad elf", "green-haired turtle" and "millennia turtle". In recent years, the green-toed turtle has gradually developed into an eye-catching-----

Bracken plastic greenhouse cultivation technology

Bracken, also known as fistula, dragon claw, ruyi, longevity, etc., is a fern, fern, perennial herb, about 1 meter high, underground rhizome growth. The leaves are drawn from the underground stems. When the new leaves are unfolded, the upper leaves are curled inwards and densely villous. After the-----

Shed cherry summer management measures

First, focus on summer cuts. While removing the film, the crown must be retracted in time for heavy intensity trimming. 1. Fall back to the central leadership. This method can reduce the overall height of each cherry tree crown by 50-80 cm, preventing it from growing taller and affecting indoor v-----

Grafting and Cultivating Technology of Cucumber in Sola…

Grafting cucumber seedlings, plant growth can be strong, to enhance the plant's ability to resist low temperature, resistance to soil-borne diseases, increase production, to achieve the purpose of increasing output value. The main techniques for grafting cucumber seedlings are as follows: Fir-----

Scientific use of aminophylline

Aminophylline has the functions of exciting and diastolic blood vessels in the central nervous system and heart, relaxing smooth muscle, and diuresis. It is used to treat spastic bronchitis and acute and chronic bronchial asthma. It can assist in the treatment of cardiac edema. When used in diures-----