Gem Biogas Quick Decomposition Gold Gum Biogas Material Rapid Detergent is the latest generation of products developed through comprehensive use of international high-end microbiological engineering technology, such as the United States, Japan and South Korea, combined with proprietary intellectual property and patented technologies, and developed by Seiko. This product is a domestic natural composite good (consumption) oxygen-type fermentation bactericide, rapid fermentation temperature, simple operation, can be a variety of crop straw, forage, leaves and other fermentation decomposition and transformation, so that the straw in the lignin, fiber Compounds such as hormones, hemicelluloses, pectin, and waxes are destroyed, increasing the contact surface with bacteria, and thus being better decomposed and utilized by microorganisms, preventing crusting, rapid start-up, shortening gas production time, increasing gas production, and Improve gas efficiency and other aspects have a significant role. Specific effects are as follows: 1 shorten the gas production time. Straw is difficult to digest, in which lignin, fiber, etc. are difficult to be decomposed, so the straw is quickly pretreated by the golden robber fast rot agent after rapid aerobic fermentation, and then the fermented straw is put into the biogas tank, which can greatly reduce the decay time. In order to enter the gas production stage in advance, more than 60% of the time is saved compared to natural stacking. 2 to prevent crusted obstacles. The surface of the straw has a layer of wax that is not easily destroyed by the biogas microorganisms. If the straw directly under the pool will be a lot of floating crust, it is difficult to be decomposed and fully utilized by fermentation, which significantly affects the gas production and gas production efficiency, so before entering the pool with Gem biogas fast rot pretreatment after it was destroyed (Fermentation, softening, rot) can increase gas production by 30-50%. 3 Improve gas production efficiency. After the raw material is pretreated, the fermentation time in the pool is naturally reduced, and the inlet temperature can meet the requirements and start gas production. If the raw material is used together with the Gambo Biogas Fermenting Agent, the startup time can be reduced by more than half and can be increased. 50-100% of gas production, gas production is even and stable, and save a lot of manpower time and cost. Details can visit the website or consult.

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