Greenhouse cucumbers tend to produce such a phenomenon in the early spring cultivation that the melon pods gradually decline after May, and the vegetative growth and reproductive growth are seriously deregulated, and the number of the fruits is significantly decreased, and the resistance is obviously weakened, and the diseases and insect pests are easily infected. This phenomenon is also known as premature aging of cucumber. The author observed that in the production practice, the phenomenon of premature aging of cucumber is mainly caused by the premature decay of cucumber plant roots.
In addition to ensuring that the cucumber plants are fixed in the soil, the main role of the root system is to draw water and nutrients from the soil and continuously transport them to the ground to supply the growth and development of the cucumber. In addition, the root system has other physiological functions and is the basis for the growth of cucumber. In early spring, greenhouse cucumber has a long growth period and high yield, and it needs more nutrients from roots. However, in the initial stage of colonization, cucumber root development is mainly concentrated in the soil surface due to high temperature. Furthermore, part of lateral roots and adventitious roots are also caused by aging during colonization. , necrosis, resulting in the occurrence of premature aging of cucumber. To eliminate premature aging, cucumber must be cultured with regenerated roots.
The method of culturing cucumber regenerated roots is very simple.
Method 1: First, apply 10 cm of cucumbers on the ground to a 1000-times solution of potassium permanganate or 800-fold of carbendazim solution. Then paste the cucumber into the ground and cover the soil. ~ 10 cm, then poured enough water. 3 to 5 days of this part of the soil covered melon can grow new adventitious roots.
Method 2: Dig a 5-7 cm deep soil hole with a diameter of 10-15 cm around a cucumber plant first, then use 3,000-times potassium permanganate solution or 800-fold carbendazim for 3-5 parts of the ground quail. After the aqueous solution is brushed and sterilized, it is placed in the hole and then the soil is watered. After 3 to 5 days, adventitious roots can grow quickly.
By adopting the above two methods of cultivation, cucumbers that have taken new roots can quickly restore their vitality. After normal management of fertilizer, watering, and pest control, the melon harvest period can be extended to September to October. In this way, the labor intensity is reduced and the expenditure is saved. This is a simple and practical income increase measure for a large number of vegetable farmers.

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The cranberry was primarily used as a traditional medicine for the treatment of bladder and kidney ailments among Native Americans. The berries were also used as a fabric and food dye, and as a poultice to treat wounds and blood poisoning. Sailors used the berries as a scurvy preventative. Despite a general lack of scientific evidence to indicate that cranberries or their juice are effective urinary acidifiers, interest persists among the public in the medicinal use of cranberries. Cranberries are used in eastern European cultures to reduce fever and, because of their folkloric role, in the treatment of cancers.

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