Jinbao Fermentation Bed (Pigster Waste Cleaner)
Cement is a product of modern industrial civilization and has made significant contributions to the promotion of social progress. However, modern people living in the “reinforced concrete jungle” are also quite impressed by the lack of concrete defects, and animals are no exception. Cement is a pure artificial inorganic material, which has no function of self-absorption. Therefore, there are many garbage in cement sty, pig urine, food residues, litter, etc. To avoid the formation of foul odors, special cleaning must be performed at any time, and a large amount of water must be used. Rinse, and some use chemical cleaning agents. In this way, there will be more waste, as if it were artificially "manufactured", adding to the environmental pressure. In contrast, fermentation bed waste can be automatically cleared at any time. why?
The so-called "junk" is actually the misplaced wealth. Nature itself does not have garbage. For example, pig manure is rich in nutrients and is a good source of food and nutrition for microorganisms. These functional microbes (such as functional microbes in the Fermentation Aid of Fertilizer Fermentation Beds) use undigested pig manure for pig urine nutrients, and are rapidly and extensively fermented. In addition to removing odors, it also cultivates a number of beneficial microorganisms such as actinomycetes, yeasts and fungi. The pig manure and urine and pad mixes are further converted into polysaccharides, crude protein, and bacteria during the fermentation process. Proteins, amino acids, vitamins, and other substances can be used as feeds, fertilizers, and other species of animals and plants to create good conditions for the harmonious coexistence of animals, plants, and humans. In the pig-sludge fermentation bed, pig manure provides food micro-organisms for functional micro-organisms, and functional micro-organisms provide pigs with inexhaustible microbial protein, trace elements and inorganic nutrients, forming an excellent combination of mutual benefit, mutual use and co-existence and co-prosperity. Ecosphere" or "ecological chain." Functional microbes have become the hub of ecological transformation and are the “free scavenger” of the environment.
Microorganisms using pig manure as a food source are continuously growing and multiplying, which in turn makes the quantity and population of microorganisms in pig stables more abundant. Fertility beds raise pigs using high-tech power, using microbes as “administrators”, and “free nurses” relying on functional microbes to comprehensively manage and utilize “potential nutrients” that cannot be directly used in pig pens. Produce the best ecological and economic benefits.
The pigs in the fermentation bed make the pens clean, smell pleasant and even fragrant (such as faint scent of wine, etc.), and human pigs (management and pigs raised) live together in a harmonious and friendly environment. Details can visit the website or consult.

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