Because of its rich in vitamin A, vitamin D, riboflavin, niacin and calcium, phosphorus, iron and other substances, eggs are indispensable nutritious foods for humans. However, in recent months, the price of eggs has continued to rise, and the nerves of many people have become more tense and tighter. Consumers have exclaimed that they can't afford it. Farmers worry that they will plunge after soaring.

According to the National Bureau of Statistics Renshou Survey Team Wang Haibin, the retail price of eggs on Renshou Farmer's Trade reached RMB 10.2 per kg on August 30, up by RMB 2.2 per kg compared with the same period of last year. Since September, it has remained at a high level of 10.4-10.8 yuan per kilogram.

In fact, since May of this year, the price of eggs has been rising steadily. The Ring Index of 5, 6, 7 and 8 released by the Renshou Team of the National Bureau of Statistics was 100.3%, 102.3%, 102.1% and 101.1% respectively. This set of data shows that the price of eggs has been on the rise.

According to common sense, the price of eggs will fall slightly after the Mid-Autumn Festival each year. However, the reporter visited a number of markets in the city and found that it has not yet shown signs of falling back.

Why do small eggs rise again?

A survey by the reporter found that the rigid growth in aquaculture costs is a fundamental factor in the rise in egg prices.

The first is that feed prices have driven up egg prices. In August of this year, the feed price index was 102.1% year-on-year, and the cumulative chain index was 102.2%; the grain price index was 8.8%, and the cumulative chain index was 111.0%. A scale farmer with 3,000 laying hens told reporters that the feed has increased from 2 yuan/kg at the beginning of the year to 2.5 yuan/kg now, and it has reached 2.8-3 yuan/kg after processing. Each chicken takes about 120 days from the chicks to the production of eggs. Each chicken needs an average of about 3 feeds per day. According to the current price, each chicken costs 0.45 yuan per day, and 3000 is 1350 yuan. For every 1 cent increase in feed, it means that farmers spend hundreds of dollars more each day.

The second is the dramatic increase in feeding costs that have forced egg prices to rise. 3,000 laying hens will have to “eat” 1350 yuan a day. This has not yet calculated feed processing, labor, utilities, transportation, etc. "Right now, the wages have risen sharply, and the farms have asked for a job. First of all, please don't ask. Second, please don't ask anyone." The survey shows that Renshou's rural work price is 70 yuan this year, up 10 yuan from last year. At the same time, chicken prices are rising too fast. The price of a laying hen seedling in March this year was 3.6 yuan per month. It rose to 6.1 yuan per month at the beginning of September.

The cost of aquaculture continues to rise, while the egg production rate in chickens has dropped significantly. In general, there are about 95 eggs per 100 chickens, about 6.8 kg. However, the rate of egg production in the hot summer months has dropped significantly, reaching 80 or so is very good, and the summer egg production rate has dropped by about 15%. Even so, the daily production of 3,000 laying hens of a scale farmer fell by at least 30 kilograms per day. This did not take into account factors such as the loss of the disease.

In this case, we counted a 3,000-scale broiler breeder: the cost of feed plus two artificial and hydropower days spent more than 1,500 yuan. According to the daily production of about 170 kilograms of eggs and the price of 10.4 yuan/kg, the daily income is 1760 yuan. Seemingly more than 200 yuan a day, but the removal of chicken costs and depreciation of equipment and facilities, the actual income of farmers has been little left.

It is not the farmers who want high prices. They are all caused by the rigid increase in aquaculture costs.

The role of "chicken butt bank" weakened, and the enthusiasm of the people to free-range laying hens was no longer. In summer, the egg production rate has declined, and winter and spring are plagued by diseases. Many farmers say that the risk of laying hens is too high. Especially driven by the comparative benefits, the large-scale large-scale breeding households are generally disdain for laying hens, and most of them focus on broiler breeding. This is also an important reason for the lack of supply of eggs.

What should we do in the face of this "unnormal market"?

In addition to macro-control measures to stabilize prices, the reporter believes that vigorously adjusting the animal husbandry structure should be an urgent task. We must firmly grasp the golden opportunities for accelerating the development of modern animal husbandry, focus on stabilizing the income of farmers and ensuring market supply, and timely adjust the production structure of modern animal husbandry, especially edible agricultural products, through measures such as industrial layout guidance and agricultural product price subsidy policy guidance. A reasonable product structure responds to the market. Such as supporting the development of a standardized scale of layer chicken breeding, to promote the return of agricultural products to a rational price, ensure the healthy, stable and sustainable development of the rural industry.

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