In recent years, the vegetable industry in Taicang has developed rapidly. After many years of trials and demonstrations, the four-maturity cultivation pattern of winter cabbage, green bean, summer cabbage, and broccoli has been explored. The per mu output value is over 14,000 yuan, and the efficiency per mu is over 10,000 yuan. yuan.

In winter and spring cabbage, green stalk varieties, such as Suzhou Blue and Shanghai Green, were selected which are more resistant to cold, strong in stress resistance, and have wide adaptability, good commercial quality, and high yield. In early December, sowing, sowing per acre Shi organic fertilizer 1000 kg, compound fertilizer 30 kg, 10 kg of urea. Seedlings of the first true leaves of the seedlings were developed and seedlings were seedlings with 3 true leaves at a spacing of 10 cm and a spacing of 5 to 7 cm. Proper close planting can promote plant growth and make its leaves tender. Seedlings have 2 to 3 true leaves when they start watering, pouring the ground pouring, not flood irrigation, the specific time according to the soil conditions, generally 7 to 10 days watering once. Listed in mid-February.

Select the 78-209, bean king and other precocious and creeping varieties. In mid-February, the use of plug or nutrition seedlings nursery seedlings, seeding 3 to 4 per hole, after sowing cover film, seedlings top soil when removing the film, take a small arch shed, cover film plus non-woven insulation. In early March, there are 4 to 5 true leaves when the seedlings are planted, and the plastic film is kept warm in the greenhouse. After taking vines, take a “person” shaped frame, and the plants grow to the top of the top to pick up the heart, which will promote the germination of lateral buds and the maturation of the lower pods. During the flowering period, the greenhouse temperature is kept at 22-25°C during the day and 15-20°C at night. External temperature rises during the clam season, and the ventilation volume should be gradually increased. External air temperature should be higher than 15°C for day and night ventilation to facilitate flowering and scab. Harvesting began in mid-May and harvesting ended at the end of June.

Xia Xiaocai selects heat-resistant Huawangqing stem cabbage varieties. Sowing in mid-July, live broadcast, density is thin. Cultivation of cabbage in summer should be covered with insect nets around the greenhouse to reduce pest damage. Before the site preparation, spread 50 kg of compound fertilizer per acre, and then apply 4 to 5 kg of urea per acre in combination with watering. Insect pests mainly include cabbage caterpillars, diamondback moths, noctuids, aphids, etc. They can be alternately treated with Bacillus thuringiensis, Emamectin benzoate, avermectin and other drugs. Harvested in early August.

The broccoli was selected from Japan's Shanshui, Yanxiu, and other varieties that are resistant to heat, high quality, high yield, and good commercial quality. In the middle or late July, seedlings or seedlings are used for nutrition cultivation. One seed per hole is planted, and a small arch cover is used to cover the shade net to control temperature and moisture. When the emergence rate reaches more than 80%, light will be increased in the morning and at night to reduce the temperature and humidity. Seedlings have 4 to 5 true leaves when they are transplanted and 3 to 4 days before transplanting. Planting in the middle and late August, planting 2,000 kg of organic fertilizer per hectare before planting, 50 kg of 45% compound fertilizer, and 1.5 kg of borax before planting. After ploughing, it will be sorghum, and the width of the plant will be 1.5 meters. Each row is planted with 2 rows, with a row spacing of 70 cm and a spacing of 35 cm, and about 2500 plants per acre are planted. After planting, live tree water is poured. Weeding and weeding were carried out 1 week after planting, and roots were properly planted. After the planting, the drought can be poured 2 times with water, and the combination of watering and applying 2.5 kg of urea per acre. When the bud has a size of a dime coin, combine 15 kg of urea or 30 kg of high-concentration compound fertilizer per acre between rows, and then water it. The pests mainly include Spodoptera exigua (Hübner) and Pieris rapae (Hymenoptera: Pieris rapae). The control agents are similar to the cabbage fields. Harvested in mid-November.

Medical Mask Machine

This device is a fully automatic Mask Machine( outside ear-loop). It can be used for the production of flat medical masks, flat protective masks and masks with the maximum of 3 layers. We adopt ultrasonic welding technology, and the finished product is beautiful. The whole production line from feeding, nose line insertion, edge sealing, cutting to finished products are fully automated. This machine are operated easily, and it can save a lot of labor cost. This machine has mature and stable technology with low failure rate. This equipment adopts photoelectric detection so it can sensing the raw materials to avoid mistakes and reduce waste.

Product parameters and technical features:

1. Ultrasonic fusion technology is adopted, and only need one person to operate

2. .The whole machine is operated automatically from feeding, nose line insertion, edge sealing and cutting.

3. The frame structure is made of aluminum alloy, which is non-rusting, durable, easy to clean and beautiful.

4. Adopted PLC control system and choose international brand for pneumatic components.

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