I. Management During the summer cultivation of carp fry, we must implement fine management to completely disinfect the water body, prevent pathogens from being brought into the nursery pool, strictly control the water quality, and promptly discharge the sewage. In due course, the bait fish should be propagated, and attention must be paid to the needs of carp seedlings cultivation; Under normal circumstances, inflating oxygen into water can stimulate the feeding of carp. Before the feeding, the baitfish must be strictly disinfected; during the cultivation, with the increase of the fish body, the dilute density will be gradually divided, and the water flow will be reduced to reduce the physical consumption of the headwaters of the catfish. At the same time, according to the actual production, sprinkling drugs regularly to the cultivation ponds, effectively do a comprehensive job of preventing and treating fish diseases, thereby effectively increasing the survival rate of the carp seedlings.
After 13 to 15 days of feeding, the eel's seedlings grow to 2.5 to 3.5 cm. At this time, the eel fry scales have grown. Similar to the adult fish, they can be transferred to the large-scale species breeding stage.
Second, the seedlings to develop precautions 1. Open bait fry species of choice: salmon seedlings fed 1 to 2 days, should be fed "self" seedlings (referring to the fish did not swim), in order to ensure that the seedlings can be the majority of bait fish Or the whole swallowing, the solution is to feed small and tender bait fish as much as possible. After comparing the body length and body height of different fishes after filming, it was found that the head of M. amblycephala shortly after the membrane was 5.1 mm in length, the body height was only 0.7-0.8 mm, and the tail tip was tender and weak, and the swimming ability was not strong. It is extremely easy to bite and swallow from its tail. Therefore, the open-baited fish of squid are ideal for head lice seedlings 1 to 3 days after filming.
2. Preventing the occurrence of air bubble disease: The cause of air bubble disease may be rare, and it is only prone to occur when the following conditions exist: First, it fails to feed the bait fish in time after feeding; Second, chlorine is used when tap water is used. The amount is relatively high; the third is that there is no timely cleaning; the fourth is no water treatment for breeding, and the source of water is an eutrophic water body. Prevention measures: Strictly regulate the breeding technology of squid, and generally it will not happen. If this disease occurs, firstly replace the water for cultivation immediately; secondly, add 0.5% to 0.7% of salt water solution to the seedlings that have been diseased, and stocking density is 10 000/m3. It floats quietly in the water and begins to return to normal after 5 to 8 hours.

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