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Principle and type of thermal resistance

The thermal resistance is a temperature detector commonly used in the medium and low temperature zone. Its main features are high measurement accuracy and stable performance. Among them, the measurement accuracy of platinum heat resistance is high, it is not only widely used in industrial temperature measurement, but also made into a standard reference instrument.

1 , the principle and material of thermal resistance temperature measurement

Thermistor temperature measurement is based on the fact that the resistance value of a metal conductor increases as the temperature increases. Most of the thermal resistances are made of pure metal materials. Currently, the use of zui is platinum and copper. In addition, thermal resistances such as nickel, manganese and tantalum have been used.

2 , the type of thermal resistance

1 ) Ordinary type thermal resistance

From the temperature measurement principle of the thermal resistance, it is known that the change in the measured temperature is directly measured by the change in the resistance of the thermal resistance. Therefore, changes in the resistance of various wires such as the lead wires of the thermal resistor body may affect the temperature measurement.

2 ) armored thermal resistance

The armored thermal resistor is a solid body composed of a temperature sensing element (resistor), a lead wire, an insulating material, and a stainless steel bushing. Its outer diameter is generally φ 2-- φ 8mm , and the Zui is as small as φ mm . Compared with ordinary type thermal resistance, it has the following advantages: 1 small volume, no air gap inside, thermal inertia, small measurement lag; 2 good mechanical properties, vibration resistance, impact resistance; 3 can bend, easy to install 4 long service life .

3 ) end face thermal resistance

The end face thermal resistance temperature sensing element is wound by a specially treated resistance wire and is placed close to the end face of the thermometer. Compared with the general axial thermal resistance, it can reflect the actual temperature of the tested end face more correctly and quickly, and is suitable for measuring the end face temperature of the bearing bush and other parts.

4 ) Flameproof thermal resistance

Explosion-proof thermal resistance is limited to the explosion caused by sparks or arcs in the explosion-mixed gas inside the casing through a special-structure junction box, and the production site will not lead to an explosion. Explosion-proof thermal resistors can be used for temperature measurement in explosion-proof locations in the Bla--B3c class.

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