Do you really know how to stay slim and enjoy healthy happiness? In order to be able to enjoy health, we are using a variety of ways to care for your body, perhaps you think you know how to care, but when you know the following facts, still be surprised. According to foreign reports, recently, American scientists have pointed out that there are ten major errors in daily life.

Misunderstanding 1: Eating at night leads to obesity

According to the survey, there will be 4 night shifts for every 10 Americans, which means that many people will be late for dinner. Is it too late for dinner to lose weight because we cannot consume these calories during sleep? Nutritionist Eric Blackberg said: “It depends on the situation. Eating late at night usually does not lead to fat gains unless your calorie intake over the day greatly exceeds your usual caloric intake. It should be noted, however, whether eating at night leads to weight gain depending on what kind of food you are eating in. Many people want to eat something else to change their taste at dinner, they will eat some ice cream, fried potato chips. Eating these foods often leads to obesity."

Myth 2: No exercise muscle turns fat

For those who spend three to four days a week on physical exercise, if they stop exercising, will these people's muscles become fat? Health expert Donna Richardson Yule said: "This situation will not happen. Muscles are muscles and fats are fats. There will be no mutual transformation between these two." Professor of Sports Science, Georgia State University Thompson said that muscle is a more dense material, while fat is more dense. When you stop exercising, your muscles will become loose, but they will not turn into fat. Is it in turn true? Unfortunately, sports do not convert fat into muscle. Lal Szmansk, a member of the sports club, said: "Although fat does not turn into muscle, if you want to have developed muscles, you must perform pull exercises to remove excess body fat."

Myth 3: Pay attention to diet and exercise is equal to weight loss

If you think that just doing these two things is enough to guarantee weight loss, then you're wrong. You may have overlooked another major factor: sleep problems caused by weight loss. Dr. Ivey Van Koott of the University of Chicago who studied sleep said: “On a global scale, Americans sleep for the least amount of time. As you know, Americans who are overweight and suffer most from obesity are also Americans. We should think about the possibility that there is a gap between obesity and sleep, and that lack of sleep can lead to a loss of appetite.” She and another fellow Ace Tesari from the University of Chicago studied sleep for those who could not have sufficient The hormone content of the sleeping human body was tested and the test results showed that everyone had the normal sleeping time needed. If the sleeping time is less than this time, even if the difference is only one hour, it will lead to hormonal imbalance in the body.

After analyzing and analyzing the blood of these sleep-deficient people, they found that the control of people's appetite for leptin in their blood was reduced. When our food intake reaches a certain level, leptin will “tell” that we are already full. At the same time, there is an increase in plasma ghrelin levels in the blood. The role of plasma hunger hormones is that when our body's calorie supply is insufficient, it sends out hunger information, which prompts us to start eating.

Myth 4: Pure natural ingredients make your hair elegant

Do you think natural herbal ingredients are superior to chemical ingredients in hair care? This is a wrong understanding. Paula Pegan, an internationally renowned cosmetics expert, wrote a book on hair care after studying 4,000 hair care products. He thinks the opposite is true. He said: "The herbal ingredients in the hair care solution don't actually clean the hair. What really cares for people's hair should be those chemicals that haven't been praised." But few manufacturers are marketing. When it comes to their own hair care products, they say that their products contain chemical ingredients, because people have always held this view of hair care products, and chemical ingredients can have harmful effects on the human body.

Myth 5: Removal of hair scratch better than wax coating

The method of scraping has been used for thousands of years, and the waxing method was used as early as in ancient Egypt. Which of the two methods is the best choice? The dermatologist, Patrick Axler, said: "After waxing your hair, you can pull the hair below the surface of the skin. It takes 3 to 4 weeks to re-grow your hair." If you use the method of shaving, the hair will soon grow back after more than ten days. At this time, the grown hair will be abnormally rough. Since the dullness of the hair is worn away when you scrape, you have a tingling sensation when the hair grows again. The use of waxing does not exist. When the hair is pulled out, a hairpin forms in the hair follicle. The formation of crucibles reduces the number of hairs that grow back.

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