Do not underestimate these humble, staple foods of noodles and potatoes. They are also beneficial for preventing diseases. A recent study at the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom shows that eating starchy foods such as bananas and cooked potatoes can reduce the risk of colon cancer. The study found that the consumption of starch in the Chinese is the highest in the world, more than double that in the United Kingdom, and the incidence of colon cancer in China is less than half that in the United Kingdom.

So, how can starchy foods help prevent colon cancer? After starch enters the colon, the bacteria in the colon breaks it down. During the decomposition process, starch accelerates the removal of waste that may cause bowel cancer from the digestive tract. Starch-rich foods are often rich in potassium, and play a vital role in maintaining the excitability of the gut and muscles of the intestine. This is conducive to the smooth flow of stool and plays a role in the prevention of colon cancer. Second, some starch-rich foods after fermentation, such as vinegar, soybean meal, yeast steamed bread, etc., increased levels of immune-active substances such as B vitamins, etc., are conducive to maintaining the balance of intestinal flora and eliminating carcinogens. And starch in the intestine through the fermentation enzyme, will produce a large number of butyrate. Experiments have shown that butyrate is an effective cancer cell growth inhibitor that can directly inhibit the growth of large intestine bacteria and prevent the formation of carcinogenic cells in the inner wall of the large intestine.

Therefore, in the daily diet, people should pay attention to more intake of starch-rich foods, starchy foods should be guaranteed in every meal three meals a day. In general, the total daily intake of starchy foods should account for 50%-60% of the total daily energy. In addition to starchy foods we often eat carbohydrate-rich staple foods such as rice, corn, wheat, etc., as well as root foods such as potatoes, yams, sweet potatoes, people should also add more beans and more starch Fruits such as bananas, dragon fruit, etc. It is recommended that you eat regular, relatively healthy starchy foods, mainly in the following categories: steamed sweet potatoes, steamed yams, steamed squash, whole wheat breads, oatmeal, boiled corn, jujube porridge, and soybean meal. Of course, there are also some starchy foods that are not conducive to good health, and should be eaten as little as possible, such as French fries, potato chips, high margarine-containing snacks, and various kinds of fine cereal snacks.

     Product Dimesnion: 6.18" x 4.13" /15.70cmx10.50cm

     Mask Fabric Material: 5-ply material,100% polypropelyne

     Ear Loop Material: 70% polyamide, 30% elastane

     when to use: suitable for adults to use daily in a variety of settings such as home, outdoors and work

     packaging: 5 pcs of mask in one sealed printed plastic bag to ensure hygiene or 10pcs per box

     certification/standard: EN149:2001+A1:2009 and CE Mark

     about the manufacturer: Kapanou is china-based healthcare company

FFP2 Mask FDA Approved

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