The dry climate in winter often makes people feel uncomfortable with dry nose and throat. At this time, if you can eat some fruits that thirst and thirst, you will feel fresh and comfortable.

In the winter, there are health-care medical fruits, and pears and sugar cane are needed.

Chinese medicine believes that pears have functions such as thirst, cough and phlegm, heat and fire, nourishing and strengthening muscles, moistening the lungs and drying, and are most suitable for patients with fever and internal heat in winter. Especially for hyperactivity cough, wind-heat in children, throat pain in throat, dry stool syndrome is more appropriate. Modern medical research believes that pears also have the effect of lowering blood pressure and sedating heat. Hypertensive patients, if dizziness, palpitations and tinnitus, often eat pears, can relieve symptoms. Pears are rich in sugars and vitamins, have liver protection and help digestion. Therefore, for liver and cirrhosis patients, it is very beneficial to eat as a medical food. The popular saying that "a few apricots have three fires, and the eclipse pears are not many," suggests that eating more pears is beneficial and harmless. However, because pears are cold, they have a certain effect on those with spleen and stomach deficiency, indigestion, and postpartum fever and polydipsia. Therefore, it is called "born Fumai soup."

People who are overworked or hungry and dizzy, as long as they eat two cane will refresh their spirits. However, due to the cold nature of sugar cane, it is unfit for humans to have stomach and stomach ache and stomach pain.

In addition, apples suitable for winter eating include apples, oranges, bananas, and hawthorn. Apple can thirst, and spleen diarrhea; orange can qi appetizing, digestion and phlegm; banana Qingrun Runchang, antihypertension; hawthorn can dilate blood vessels, reduce blood lipids, enhance and regulate myocardial function, have prevention and treatment of coronary arteriosclerosis effect.

The nutrition provided to the human body by fruits and vegetables includes the following items:

1. Provide vitamin C;

2. Provide carotenoids, in terms of tomatoes, mainly lycopene;

3. Provide polyphenols health ingredients, mainly flavonoids;

4. Provide potassium;

5. Provide dietary fiber.

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