The improvement of people's living standards from time to time is the continued rapid development of the country's economic situation. The pharmaceutical industry has developed rapidly, which has driven the growth in demand for pharmaceutical equipment and promoted the prosperity of the pharmaceutical equipment industry. In particular, the deadline for GM P certification is approaching, which is the promotion of the state's mandatory GM P certification system for pharmaceutical companies . It is also a direct factor in the popularity of the pharmaceutical machine market. Drugs are a major event that affects the lives and health of the people. In recent years, the relevant departments of the state have greatly strengthened the supervision of drug production. The State Food and Drug Administration has also issued a timetable for the implementation of mandatory GM P certification for pharmaceutical companies. Those who fail to meet the target within the specified time will no longer be allowed to engage in the production of drugs. Pharmaceutical equipment is an important part of GM P hardware. Since the introduction of the GM P compulsory certification system, local pharmaceutical companies have accelerated the pace of technological transformation, and the production equipment has been greatly updated for the pharmaceutical industry's upstream industry---the pharmaceutical machinery industry. A major positive, a large number of production line transformation has brought a huge market for pharmaceutical machinery companies. China's pharmaceutical industry is paying close attention to scientific and technological progress and is the driving force for technological advancement in the pharmaceutical industry. In recent years. New products are increasing, and quality has also made a big leap. Individual products have even reached the international advanced level. For example, the Anzhen (water needle) series of washing and drying potting and sealing group introduced and developed by Changsha Zhengzhong Medicine Machine Factory has greatly improved the production level of national injection, and ended the backward process of single-machine production that has been used for decades. After several improvements, the product has sold more than 600 production lines and exported to nearly 20 countries including Brazil, Russia, Pakistan and Iran. The drying equipment and aluminum-plastic packaging equipment produced in Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces have also attracted the demand of domestic pharmaceutical factories and have stepped out of the country. Although the pharmaceutical companies after the GM P certification rectification, according to analysis. The number will be reduced, but due to the large base of pharmaceutical companies, the number of companies that are kept is not a small number. Therefore, the demand for pharmaceutical machines for normal equipment renewal and technological transformation is also a considerable market, and the prospects are promising. The country, participating in international competition, will definitely make China's pharmaceutical machinery industry grow.

Bolus, Powders, Injections and other dosage forms for animal use.

Veterinary medicine is informally as old as the human/animal bond but in recent years has expanded exponentially because of the availability of advanced diagnostic and therapeutic techniques for most species.

Veterinary Drugs used properly, medications are a safe way to keep animals in good condition while preventing the spread of disease to other animals and neighbouring herds or flocks. They help to prevent costly losses to agricultural producers.


Veterinary Products list




ProcainePenicillin+Dihydrostreptomycin sulfate Powder for inj. 0.5G 50Vials/Box
Lysozyme Inj. 80000IU 10Vials/Box
Diminazene acetruate+antipyretic For inj. 23.6G 10Vials/Box
Ceftiofur Sodium For Inj. 0.5G,1.0G 1`s/Box
Dihydrostreptomycin Sulfate for inj. For Inj. 0.45Mega 1`s/Box
Oxytrtracycline injection 5% ,10% 50ml, 100ml 1`s/Box
Ivermectin injection 1%50ml, 200m 1`s/Pack
Gentamycin Sulfate injection 10%, 100ml 1`s/Box
Levamisole injection 5%, 10% 100ml 1`s/Box
Dextriferron injection 5%, 10%, 100ml 1`s/Box
Tylosin Injection 5%, 10%, 100ml 1`s/Box
Enrofloxacin injection 2.5%, 10%, 100ml 1`s/Box
Closantel Sodium injection 5%,  100ml 1`s/Box
Florfenicol Injection 20%, 30%, 100ml 1`s/Box
Sodium selemite and vitamin E inj. 0.1%+5%, 100ml 1`s/Box
VAD3E inj. 100ml 1`s/Box
Amitraz Drench 12.5% 100ml 1`s/Box
Albendazole Suspension 2.5%, 100ml 1`s/Box
Toltrazuril Oral Solution 2.5% 100ml 1`s/Box
Flumequine Solution 10% 100ml 1`s/Box
Albendazole Bolus 150mg,250mg,600mg,1.5g 5`sx10/Box
Levamisole Bolus 150mg, 300mg 5`sx10/Box

Veterinary Products

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