1. Site preparation. The election was high and dry. Well-drained, the general land can be planted. Remove base fertilizer before site preparation.

2. Breeding methods. Seed breeding, live or seedling transplanting can be used, seed dressing with a new high fat film, repelling underground pests, isolate virus infection, enhance respiratory intensity, and increase seed germination. On the whole ground, evenly spread the seeds into the ditch. After sowing, put a little pressure on the water and start sprouting about half a month after sowing.

3. Field management. Timely weeding and loose soil ensure sufficient water and fertilizer. When the leaves began to spread, the herb was sprayed on the leaves. Foliar photosynthetic products (nutritions) are transported to the root system to increase the nutrient conversion rate and ripping ability, so that the rootstock rapidly expands and the medicinal content is greatly increased. At the same time, to strengthen the comprehensive prevention and control of diseases and pests, we should follow the principles of disease prevention and treatment, insecticide, and no one else, and apply a new high-fat membrane to enhance the control effect. In the late fall, we must do a good job of wintering and cold-keeping work to ensure safe wintering. (Dao Ye, Department of Pharmaceutical Engineering, Yangling Vocational and Technical College)

We mainly export European Chinese onions, garlic and ginger.

Fresh yellow onion and red onion size 60-80mm 70-90mm 90-110mm 10kg/net bag, 20kg/net bag or 25kg/net bag (2019 new crop onion)

Peeled yellow onion and red onion size 60-80mm 70-90mm 90-110mm 10kg / box, 20kg / box, filled with nitrogen, storage time of 90 days.

Frozen onion, frozen onion cube, frozen onion ring 10kg/box or 20kg/box Save for 2 years.

We also offer garlic, ginger and peeled garlic

Our onions have been sold in the Netherlands, the UK, Poland, and Italy, and the quality is very good.

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Garlic.Ginger.onion.peeled Onion.peeled Garlic.frozen Onion Pieces

garlic.Ginger.onion.peeled onion.peeled garlic.frozen onion pieces

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