Half of the love in the world is related to eating, but few people count how many "sex" blessings are eaten. Let's take a look at foreigners eating those foods to help sex.

â—† Malt and malt oil

The Europeans have an earthy function that enhances sexual function. They grind malt into powder, mix it with milk and honey, and drink a cup before going to sleep. It can increase nutrition and enhance sexual function. Because malt oil contains a prophylactically destructive ingredient, it is actually the effect of natural vitamin E. Medical studies have found that vitamin E can stimulate the production of male sperm; prevent miscarriage and premature delivery; and prevent men and women from infertility. However, synthetic vitamin E does not have the efficacy of malt oil to prevent sexual decline. Therefore, scientists believe that there are other mysterious substances in the malt oil at work. Therefore, it is best to eat wheat germ oil directly if you want to improve sexual function.

â—† Nucleic Acid Food

American scientist Franz discovered that if there is enough nucleic acid in the body, it can effectively increase the body's various functions, can indirectly improve sexual function, and delay sexual aging. Foods containing more nucleic acids include beans and various soy products, followed by seafood, such as marine fish, shellfish, and shrimp. The content of liver and lean meat in various animals is relatively high, and the content of green vegetables in vegetables is the highest.

â—† honey

Natural honey contains a large number of plant male reproductive cells, which contain an endocrine hormone, similar to human pituitary hormones, and has a significant active gonad biological activity. In addition, the sugar in natural honey is easily absorbed by the body and is very beneficial to the formation of semen. In Turkey, Israel and many Arab countries, helva sugar prepared with sesame seeds and honey is a typical aphrodisiac food; women in Babylon use it to increase sexual attraction and restore men’s energy after sex.

â—† seaweed

Researchers from the British Nutrition Society have found that the thyroid has great responsibility for sexual impulses and sexual stimulation. If the thyroid activity is too low, it will reduce sexual activity and libido, and the abundant iodine and other minerals in the seaweed are important for the protection of thyroid activity. Material, so seaweed contains many "helpful" ingredients.


The melatonin is also known as melatonin. According to tests, it is found that if we add some synthetic melatonin before going to bed, we can restore the physiological functions of the youth, including sexual function. Melatonin is derived from tryptophan. Milk contains L-tryptophan that promotes melatonin production. Sunflower seeds, crabs, floss, chicken breasts, and eggs are also rich in tryptophan. Frequently supplementing these foods is beneficial to the secretion of melatonin by cells in the body.

â—† nuts and kernels

Variety of nuts and seeds are rich in VB, VE, especially in mineral content higher than other foods, in addition to an excellent source of protein. These can stimulate sexual desire and trigger sexual impulses. According to a German doctor's study, in some people who often eat pumpkin seeds, the risk of prostate disease is very low. This is because pumpkin seeds contain a substance that affects the production of male hormones. Seeds with the same effects include wheat, corn, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, almonds, peas, peanuts, and walnut kernels.

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