When interviewed in Datian Township, Shouguang City, the reporter heard that Master Dong was very good at planting watermelons. So the reporter interviewed them. Master Dong told reporters that if watermelon yield is high and quality is good, the key lies in rational fertilization.

It is understood that when Master Dong applied fertilizer in the past, he used to use fertilizer once before planting watermelon, and used a large amount of nitrogen fertilizer, which caused a large loss of fertilizer, which could easily lead to insufficient supply of nutrients for watermelon during fruit expansion, and nitrogen fertilizer at the same time. Too much use will not only lead to the emergence of watermelon seedlings, but also affect the quality of watermelon. So from last year, he changed the original fertilization method. Before planting the watermelon, he firstly used organic manure such as rotten chicken manure about 8 square meters per mu, and Jiantu pill of about 300 kg as the base fertilizer, and then used a small amount of compound fertilizer. , to meet the watermelon seedling growth can be. Then, when the watermelon is in the melon, it is necessary to use high-potassium Toyota A fertilizer when watering. This will not only promote the balance between the vegetative growth and reproductive growth of the plant, but also ensure sufficient water and fertilizer supply for the watermelon, and at the same time it will improve the watermelon. Quality, improve the sugar content of watermelon, ensure that the yield and quality of watermelon increase at the same time, so as to promote the improvement of efficiency.


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