Purple sweet potato is rich in anthocyanins, carotene and other substances, in recent years as a special high-grade agricultural products, high planting efficiency. In 2009, purple sweet potato cultivation was included in the Xinghua City High-efficiency Horticulture Vegetable and Vegetable Technology Household Project.
Seedlings choose to shelter from the sun, the flat terrain, drainage and convenient places, according to the pool width of 1 meter, 10 meters long, 16 cm deep standard nursery pool, each pool of sweet potato seedlings can be planted 2 to 2.5 acres of field. Sowing from March 20 to May 25, planting 100 to 125 kilograms of seed potatoes per tile, covering 6 to 8 centimeters of screened fine soil after sowing, pouring sole water to cover the mulch, and taking a small shed. When the potato shoots were unearthed, the mulching film was removed to prevent the sunny days from scalding the sprouts. Later transferred to normal management, requiring the film to cover early cover, rainy days will not lift the film. Before cutting the seedlings, according to the seedling growth, 250 grams of urea was applied to each nursery pond.
Before transplanting, planting and transplanting, 45% compound fertilizer per acre, 10-15 kilograms per mu, and apply 3% phoxim granules 5 kg, and then plough, according to the spacing of 66 cm to make the height of 17 to 20 cm Ridge. One row per ridge, spacing between 20 and 23 cm, and 4500 to 5000 plants per acre. Put enough water in time after planting to facilitate rooting live trees. Afterwards, water in the afternoon, as appropriate, until the sweet potato seedlings survive.
Field inspections were conducted within 5 to 8 days after planting, and it was found that dead plants were planted immediately. After pouring enough water for the first time, the soil is closed with 50% acetochlor EC 100 ml and water 40-50 kg fine spray per acre. Under normal circumstances do not apply fertilizer, if the leaves are obviously yellow, you can sprinkle 7-10 kilograms of urea per mu, or water after fertilization. As for the plots where no pesticides were applied before the ridges, they were poured or irrigated with phoxim before and after the beginning of June, when the roots swelled to 2 cm thick, and the underground pests such as cockroaches, beetles, and small sweet weevils were controlled. The main pests are sweetpotato moth, sweet potato moth, etc., with 40% phoxim EC per acre 60 ~ 80 ml or 1.8% ave high chlorine EC 70 ~ 80 ml, add water 40 ~ 50 kg spray control. In order to prevent the late growth period (July-August), the potato cultivars grow mad, and use 15% paclobutrazol wettable powder (40-60 g) per mu for a good growing field, and add 40-50 kg of water to spray finely.
Harvesting, planting, planting, and harvesting will take about 120 days to harvest, and they will be harvested in batches according to the order of planting. Insecticides were banned 1 month before harvest. More than a medium-sized potato block is commercially available and can be supplied to the market. Select the sweet potato chips that are full of medium-lower, full-faced, smooth, bright and undamaged potato chips, and leave them for two to three hours in sunny weather.

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