How to restore the original nature of the soil and its ability to make farmers friends can not only increase production but also reduce costs. Rongchang brand silicon, calcium, magnesium, and potash fertilizers are rich in various trace elements, and they can be applied to soil after large and medium-sized elements (potassium oxide, silicon, calcium, magnesium, trace elements, and rare earth elements containing nearly 40 kinds of elements) are absorbed by crops. To supplement the various nutrient elements that are seriously lacking in the soil, make the plants grow healthily, resist disease, resist insects, resist drought, resist cold, increase production and improve quality. Like the pears of the farmers in Linfen District, Weinan City, Shaanxi Province, which have a population of more than ten acres, many of the big branches have died and few shoots have been made. In spring last year, 2 pounds of silicon-calcium-magnesium-potassium fertilizer was used to produce new shoots on the back of dry branches. By July 8th, more than 50 cm of new shoots on the tree were found everywhere. The old tree glowed with youth. The leaves of the fruit were larger and thicker than those without silicon, calcium, magnesium and potash. They were strong and dark green. The Daxie County in Shaanxi Province and some nearby fruit growers have been surprised after reading. Another example is the group of Hejingshun Village in Lujing Town, which broadcast 1.7 mu of wheat in the autumn of last year. The plots belong to the wasteland along the ditch, 50 kg of Mushi Si, Ca, Mg, K fertilizer, 30 kg of urea, 50 kg of phosphate fertilizer, and 600 kg of wheat from barnyardgrass. 800 kg per mu. Why is it so productive? This fully shows that silicon, calcium, magnesium and potash can not only supplement nutrients, but also decompose other insoluble elements remaining in the soil, so that the land dedication ability can be continuously enhanced without scientific guidance of increasing investment or reducing investment.
(Please pay attention to farmers' friends that silicon, calcium, magnesium, and potassium do not contain nitrogen and phosphorus and do not advocate single application)

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