The dense varieties Liaodan 565 and Liaodan 1211 were selected.
The "three-by-three-space" planting method: the ridge spacing is 47 cm, the spacing between the ridges is 20-22 cm, the spacing between the ridges is 40-44 cm, and 4 ridges are used as a cycle, that is, three ridges and one ridge are planted, and three ridges are on both sides. Confidential, intermediate lean, cycle accordingly. Seed spacing from 32 to 35 cm; 4000 seedlings from 4500 seedlings; Fertilization: 30 kg of compound fertilizer per mu, a bag of chicken manure, 5 kg of diammonium or 5 kg of potassium sulfate.

Objective To evaluate the methods and the effects of an Airway Management nursing team in clinical practice

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