Basic daily maintenance and maintenance of mold incubator:

1. Adjust the height with the adjusting screw at the bottom of the mold incubator to make the box stable.

Second, plug in the power socket (the power supply should have a good ground), press the power switch, the display is bright, at this time the display shows the actual temperature and humidity inside the incubator room.

Third, the installation of the mold incubator humidifier:

Plug the power plug of the humidifier into the power socket on the back of the instrument, and connect the humidifier tube of the instrument to the humidifier. The connection must be tightly connected. The water in the humidifier tank must be properly operated according to the instructions.

4. Moisture adjustment of mold incubator: Press the humidity setting button, the digital display is the set value, rotate the humidity to adjust the potentiometer to the desired humidity value, release the button, the digital display is the actual humidity in the mold incubator. when

The actual humidity in the culture room is smaller than the set humidity. At this time, the humidification humidifies the culture chamber, and the humidification indicator lights; when the actual humidity in the culture chamber is greater than the set humidity value, the humidifier stops working and the humidification indicator light


5. If there is no need for sterilization in the box, the sterilization switch on the panel should be placed in the “off” position.

6. When the temperature is set, the temperature control knob cannot be rotated back and forth many times, so as to avoid frequent compressor start-up, causing overload phenomenon of the compressor and affecting the service life of the compressor.

7. There are two sets of fuse boxes on the back of the mold incubator, 2A is the cooling and heating load fuse box, and 8A is the control power fuse box. If the machine runs faulty, such as temperature control failure, no heating or no cooling, the power must be cut off. Check that the fuse is intact and check the corresponding part.

8. Care must be taken when handling. The angle between the water and the plane should not be less than 45°.

9. When the temperature is low, the water in the water tray at the bottom of the tank should be drained regularly.

10. When the humidity sensor is in a high-humidity state for a long time, the condensation will form, and the humidity display value will remain high. If an accurate humidity display value is required, the chamber door should be turned off and the humidity sensor at room temperature. After drying naturally, you can continue to use it.

11. In order to maintain the beauty of the equipment, it is not allowed to wipe the surface with acid or alkali and other corrosive materials. The box can be dried regularly with a dry cloth.

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