The characteristics of glazing and the main factors affecting the quality of the glazing of the package are glazing by applying a layer of colorless and transparent coating on the printed surface to obtain a bright film layer. When glazing, the smoothness of the surface of the printed product is enhanced due to the leveling of the paint on the surface of the printed product, which not only improves the surface gloss of the printed matter, but also improves the surface properties of the printed matter, enhances the light resistance of the ink, and increases the heat resistance of the ink layer. The moisture-proof ability plays a role in protecting printed graphics and beautifying products. It has been widely used in the surface processing of book cover processing and packaging decoration, albums, large decorations, posters and other printed materials.

There are many methods for glazing. According to the glazing coating, it can be divided into oxidative polymerization coating glazing, solvent evaporation coating glazing, thermosetting coating glazing, and photocurable coating glazing. According to the glazing coating method, it can be divided into spray coating glazing, printing coating glazing and special glazing coating glazing. If you press the glazing device, you can divide it into a glazing machine and a printing splicer. In addition, the product after glazing can be divided into whole surface light, partial glazing, extinction, and artistic glazing.

Regardless of the technical method and material glazing, excellent glazing quality is required to achieve the intended purpose. From the material point of view, the factors affecting the quality of glazing mainly include good glazing adaptability between printing paper, printing ink and glazing coating.

(1) Printing paper. The influence of printing paper on glazing coating is the smoothness and surface absorption of the paper, which affects the leveling of the coating and affects the coating to form a smooth film with high smoothness on the surface of the printing. The smoothness of the paper is high, the surface of the paper is in good contact with the coating layer, and the coating is easy to level, thereby forming a highly smooth film surface. The surface of the paper is highly absorbent. When the paint is leveled, the paper fibers absorb the paint too quickly, making the paint activity worse and difficult to level. On the contrary, the surface of the paper is weakly absorbed, the paper fiber absorbs the paint too slowly, the coating in the leveling is not easy to form a film, and it is difficult to form a high-smooth bright film. Therefore, different papers should be selected with matching paints, and the process parts such as glazing coating leveling time and drying temperature should be adjusted.

(2) Printing ink. The particle size of the ink affects the wetting of the ink layer and thus affects the leveling and brightness of the coating. If the ink particles are large, the surface of the printed product must be rough, not easy to wet, and not easy to level.

(3) glazing coating. Glazing coating is also the main factor affecting the quality of glazing. Glazing coatings must not only have colorless, odorless, non-toxic, strong gloss, chemical resistance, fast drying, etc., but also good transparency, not easy to change color, Good flexibility, heat resistance, leveling, and adhesion. The effect of glazing coating on the quality of glazing is its viscosity, followed by surface tension and solvent volatility. The solvent in the coating will be less and less due to volatilization, penetration, diffusion, etc., and the viscosity will gradually improve. The power generated by the leveling is the surface tension of the coating, and the surface tension flattens the surface with traces into a smooth surface as much as possible to shrink the coating into a small profile of the surface. Therefore, the surface tension of the coating has a large influence on the leveling.

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