“Chang Xiang Tu, Processing Crude” is a traditional impression of agriculture and agricultural products. However, the reporter learned from the 2011 China (Hefei) Agricultural Industrialization Conference in Anhui, China, that the use of agricultural science and technology is changing all this, the future of agriculture. Will show a new look.

One of the highlights: potted peppers, giant pumpkin products are better to eat

200 kilos of pumpkin, 100 kilos of watermelon, colorful peppers planted in pots. At the China Anhui (Hefei) Agricultural Fair held in China, the high-tech agriculture in the science and technology innovation exhibition area attracted a lot of attention.

The reporter saw that the giant pumpkin has a golden skin and looks like a huge lantern. It looks very novel. The pound of watermelon is too heavy, has grown into a "winter melon" shape, after the cut red watermelon is very attractive. These giants have attracted many people to take pictures. In addition to these “big guys”, colorful bell peppers, ginger like cactus, these crops that used to grow in the fields are now moved into pots that are both good looking and edible. Many people have put it down and have come home with one or two pots.

Song Pei, head of Anhui Jianghuai Horticulture Technology Co., Ltd., which researches and developed these products, introduced that these novel agricultural products are all developed through years of research and development through the use of technological power. Mainly adapted to the needs of the future urban tourism agriculture and modern people's pursuit of nature. “To some ecological farms, look at these giant agricultural products. It's very attractive. And to grow some pepper and ginger on the balcony of the house, it's good to see and eat, and to experience the fun of planting and harvesting.”

Song Pei believes that with the help of science and technology, the future of urban agriculture will be more developed and agricultural products will become more fashionable.

Watching point two: “A network is exhausted” Look at the situation in the field office

A cucumber, the bar code posted on the top of the farm product can be traced back to a scan on the terminal, immediately to the cucumber "root search for the ancestor", from the origin, the grower name, seed source, test results and all other information at a glance; pick up An e-point menu allows you to click on the source, planting area, and test results of raw ingredients while clicking on finished dishes. This is not a sci-fi scene in the film. At the Anhui Agricultural Fair, the rural IoT exhibition area shows people the use of Internet of Things technology to establish a platform for the tracing of agricultural products and food safety.

According to Xu Zhenyu, chairman of Anhui Longkun Internet of Things Co., Ltd., which develops and promotes this new technology, the Internet of Things uses modern information sensing equipment to connect items to the Internet, enabling intelligent identification, positioning, tracking, monitoring, and management. In recent years, this technology has been gradually applied to agriculture. At present, the company's main projects are two major categories. One is the cooperation with leading agricultural industrialization enterprises or bases, and the establishment of a full-industry chain traceability platform for agricultural products from production to sales. The second is to help the government establish a farm monitoring system.

It is reported that Langkun Company is cooperating with the agricultural department of Anhui Province to use the Internet of Things technology to monitor plant diseases and insect pests in field crops. After this network is established, the competent agricultural department can sit in the office and monitor the seedlings thousands of miles away in real time. Once pests and diseases are found, they can conduct remote consultations for the first time and strengthen the prevention and response to the disasters such as pest control.

Aspect 3: Loofah change mask, bee venom pharmaceutical agricultural products are not only used to eat

The loofah often eaten in the summer can be transformed into a beauty mask. The frightening bee venom can be used as a recipe for antibacterial and anti-cancer. A small kiwi fruit can be made into more than 100 kinds of products. If you don’t see it with your own eyes, you can May not believe that these humble agricultural products actually have such a magical effect. At the Anhui Agricultural Fair, more than a hundred farmers’ specialized cooperatives across the province organized a group for the first time. Apart from native varieties, the high-tech and high-value-added products displayed were refreshing.

The loofah series products developed by the Hefei Loofah Cooperative are surprising, such as the extraction of the deep-processed beauty products of loofah, the use of special ingredients in Loofah, the loofah insoles, non-stick pans, etc., will be small and unobtrusive The role has been brought to the extreme. In a cooperative of the god bees in Maanshan, bee venom was extracted and made into an anti-tumor recipe, priced at up to US$400 a gram in the international market.

“Agricultural products are the most basic use for meeting food needs. With the improvement of science and technology, the use of agricultural products will become more and more widespread and the added value will become higher and higher. This will be one of the directions for the development of modern agriculture in the future.” Anhui Provincial Agriculture Commission Ma Yan, a researcher at the Cooperative Economic Guidance Office, said.

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