First, early dry pond: generally in January each year, dry pond, dry pond after the pond dredge shore repair, drying pond time should not be too long, generally 10-15 days is appropriate, slightly harder, so reduce the Tongkou Destruction of aquatic grasses and benthic organisms to maintain the original ecology of the Tongkou.

Second, dense grass planting: The early requirements of a variety of grass in Tangkou, species of grass, the middle of good grass management: First, excessive water affect the photosynthesis of aquatic plants, water should be promptly transferred. The second is that the water quality is turbid, and the attached aquatic organisms should be promptly removed with biological agents. Third, the plants withered, the lack of activities should be timely fertilizer, the control of pond surface grass cover in the late 60%, on the surface of the water plants to remove the old grass head to make the crab healthy growth in a good ecological environment.

Third, multiple snails: The use of multiple launches; to prevent a large amount of one-time investment, resulting in early water lean and moss breeding. Put a batch of snails before Chingming, with a volume of 300 kg/mu. Gradually replenish them by the end of June. The volume of snails will be 500 pounds/mu. The water quality of ponds will be adjusted, which will help the natural growth of snails and ensure that there are enough natural live baits in the middle and late breeding ponds. .

Fourth, water regulation: August is the high temperature period, is the season exchange period, in order to properly reduce the water body temperature and minimize the temperature difference, the pond should maintain the highest water level, often add water and change the water, 2-3 days to add new water once , change the water once in 7-10 days, add water in the morning or in the morning, it is not appropriate to add water in the evening. 7-10 days, regular use of microbial preparations to regulate water quality at any time to keep the water fresh, so that crabs in the hot season to reduce casualties and ensure survival.

Fifth, careful feeding: feed feed should be high-quality pellet feed, chilled fish, soybeans, as far as possible not to vote powder feed to reduce the pollution of the water, feeding according to seasonal weather, crab growth activities, etc. The situation is appropriately increased or decreased. During the shelling of crabs, nutritive additives should be added to the feed to ensure normal shell growth.

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