A few days ago, Miss Guo, who stepped into the marriage hall at the end of October, made a lap in the food area of ​​the Qianjiang Small Commodity Market, and was shocked by the price of sweet sugar. In just 7 days, the price of a 6-piece wedding gift box was quietly increased by 0.2 yuan. Immediately afterwards, the news of "Ferello's out of stock and Duff's price hike" was buzzing.

“With rising production costs, all raw materials are expensive.” It is reported that the amount of sugar that accounts for over 40%-70% of chocolate has been at a high level recently. The main raw material cocoa butter is also affected by the export volume of the major exporting countries, causing their prices to rise.

With the arrival of the "golden nine silver ten" wedding peak, this price rise is difficult to subside for a time. In order to reduce the "sweet burden," many newcomers started to "handicraft" and prepare for "economical" wedding candy.

"Candy Sugar joins the ranks of rising prices." The purchase price of sweet candy has risen fiercely, especially for chocolates of some classic brands. They collectively 'preheated' in September and kept on shouting. "Considering the quality of wedding candy, netizens "Hui Bai Hui" Go to the food market to "pick sugar in the field." The same 10 paragraphs of Hershey's Chocolate wedding gift box was sold from 7.5 yuan/unit to 7.7 yuan - 8.5 yuan/unit. Even if "Baihuijiao" makes every effort to bargain, the seller still bites the price and refuses to loosen.

It is understood that as the three major wedding candy brands in the wedding market, Dove, Ferrero, and Hershey’s chocolate prices have risen in different degrees in the near future, ranging from 10% to 30%. For example, in Hershey’s official flagship store, at the beginning of August, Hershey’s wedding cakes were sold in six capsules at a price of only 5.5 yuan per serving, and by September they had risen to 6 yuan per copy, with a single product gain of nearly 10 yuan. %.

Merchants took orders six months ago and shouted for money and lost their minds about chocolate, toffee, and fruit sugar, which made many business households very difficult. At the end of April this year, Wang Fang, a business owner of the Qianjiang Small Commodity Market Food District, received a single order of 1,000 candy branded chocolate candy. According to the agreement, during the National Day, new people will pick up the goods. Unexpectedly, with the rise in the market prices of cocoa, sugar and other commodities in the past six months, the cost of candy has risen. "Wait until the start of packing candy two weeks ago, it was found that this business did not earn a penny, but also lost 500 yuan." Wang Fang said with resignation.

"Recently, the price of sugar candy has to be stared at, and the quotation is a matter of a few days. Little attention is paid. The wholesale price of the whole box of sugar can be a difference of several tens of yuan." Mr. Wen, a shop owner in Hangzhou City, confirmed that he has been particularly cautious in doing business recently. Before each business order is placed, the buyer must be called to confirm the availability of the goods and confirm the final purchase price.

Newcomers rely on “manually” to save money “Don't look at a few cents per box of candy, but with hundreds of thousands of boxes, the increase in the cost of wedding candy in marriage spending is more than a hundred dollars.” A newcomer told reporters , I also thought of "pretending to be" agents, upstream candy wholesale retailers purchase.

At the time of the peak of the wedding reception, many newcomers found that with a little patience, diligent legs and feet, they can still buy affordable gift boxes. "For newcomers who do not care about packaging, you can try to go to the Qianjiang Small Commodity Market, the food market to find a gift box business." Qunying new Lu Li Yue said, although the free gift box is ordinary, general quality, but at least save a few From $10 to $100.

Lu Liyue suggested that newcomers who have the time can purchase materials and start the whole family's packaging, indirectly saving some "labor costs." "For example, like an unpackaged square carton, the price is only 0.25 yuan each, and after packaging, we must charge 0.5 yuan - 0.8 yuan / only. 1.5 centimeters a roll of ribbon, priced at 5 yuan, roughly 25 meters long, you can cut your own; decals price of 0.08 yuan -0.15 yuan / flower, plus some double-sided tape, accessories, etc., basically each gift box can also be cheaper 0.2 yuan -0.5 yuan."

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