Today's green food has become the mainstream of food, but in actual production, especially in autumn, mushroom farmers use a large number of chemical drugs in order to control insect pests, which makes mushroom products a large number of residual drugs, which not only causes hidden dangers for consumers, but also blocks the health of consumers. Mushroom products have entered the market, especially in the international market. Well, how can we prevent "green" pests? There are two measures: First, strengthen physical prevention. Measures include: The construction of mushroom sheds should be kept away from toilets, rubbish, dung and other places, so that the environment is less insects or no insects; the raw and auxiliary materials are exposed to strong sunlight, to avoid carrying eggs or live insects; the vents and import and export of mushroom sheds, etc. Enclose the insect nets and sprinkle lime barriers at the vents and entrances and exits to prevent reptiles from entering. The second is a reasonable choice of drugs. Within a certain distance from the shed, insecticides such as trichlorfon and dichlorvos may be used to cut off pests. Out-of-shelf and vents, imports and exports, use high-effective low-residue drugs to spray, to prevent reptiles from entering. The use of green bio-medicine in the shed - effectively repellent insect repellent. The mechanism of action of the drug is to use insecticides that are not favored by the adults of the mushrooms and insects of the genus Mushrooms to repel them, so that the adults do not dare to spawn and are afraid to enter the shed, and thus cannot be harmed. Usage: Generally in the autumn, spray 2-3 days once, with 200 times the concentration is appropriate, the environment is poor, the density of insect population in the area, can increase the concentration to about 100 times, or reduce the interval between drug use to 1-2 days.

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Depending on the product injected, the session lasts an average of 20 minutes (injection of a zone + massage of the zone injected).

During the injection session, your doctor will inject you with Hyaluronic Acid in gel form using a syringe. 

The injection is shallow, only penetrating a few millimetres.

HA effect :srong lifting and long last duration time ,strong volumizing effect ,strong elasticity, and long lasting efficacy.

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