1, look at body color. Good fish fry have the same group of pigments and are bright and shiny; poor fry are often darker.

2, second look at the composition of groups. Good fish fry have neat specifications, robust body, smooth but not muddy, swimming and lively; poor fry size is uneven, individual is thin, and some are still stained with sludge.

3, look at activity capabilities. If the hand or stick is inserted into the middle of the seedling bowl or the seedling dish, the fry is frightened, the good fry quickly travels around, and the poor fry is unresponsive.

4, look at swimming against the water. Stir the fry containers with your hands or wooden sticks to make the water whirlpool, so that the fry can swim against the water along the edges, and the fry are caught in the whirlpool and cannot swim backwards. If the fish fry in the white porcelain pot, let the wind blow the water, so that the fry can swim against the wind, and the poor fry can not.

5, see from the water struggle. The good fish fry will struggle strongly after leaving the water, bouncing powerfully, bending their heads and tails in a circle, and the poor fry will be unable to struggle or tremble only head and tail.

Wetting Agent is anionic special surfactant compound products, which widely used in SC, EW, EC and OD formulation. 

With wetting, rapid penetrating property ,improve the quick effect.Product is anionic, the compound is good, it can  be used in water-based pesticides, also in oil-based pesticide.

We also name it penetrator. It can used in wide PH 4-8. 

Wettting agent

Wetting Agent

Wetting Agent,Wetting Penetrating Agent,Wetting Adjuvant,Agricultural Wetting Agent

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