Lining rubber lining valve use and type
Document.write('') ​​Lining lining valve document.write('') is a dual function of switch and flow regulation, which can easily open and close the gas path without affecting the flow, ensuring the repeatability of the flow. The opening is slow. It reduces the impact of the instantaneous pipe pressure on the meter. A damper is added, which greatly increases the service life of the document.write('') ​​valve.

Document.write('') ​​liner-lined valve document.write('') ​​is designed to control corrosive or highly corrosive media. The body cavity surface is covered with a variety of fluoroplastics for different operating temperatures and The fluid pipeline has the characteristics of high strength and good corrosion resistance.
Applicable temperature: ≤80°C ≤100°C, ≤120°C
≤150 ° C (according to the lining material)
Document.write('') ​​liner-lined valve document.write('') product includes document.write('') ​​liner rubber shut-off valve document.write(''), document.write('') ​​rubber ball valve document .write(''), etc., its manufacturing techniques include the formulation of the adhesive and its production process. The adhesive can make the lining glue have a strong affinity with the pipe wall, has good smash resistance and anti-fouling performance, and has a long service life.
The lining valves are divided into: document.write('') ​​pipe clamp valve document.write(''), document.write('') ​​lining diaphragm valve document.write(''), document.write('') ​​lining butterfly valve Document.write(''), document.write('') ​​rubber ball valve document.write(''), lining document.write('') ​​check valve document.write(''), document.write(' ') Lining shutoff valve document.write(''), document.write('') ​​lining plug valve document.write(''), lining document.write('') ​​wedge gate valve document.write(''), Document.write('') ​​Diaphragm valve document.write(''), document.write('') ​​butterfly valve document.write(''), document.write('') ​​ball valve document.write(''), spin Open, ball document.write('') ​​check valve document.write(''), pneumatic lining, lining plastic document.write('') ​​diaphragm valve document.write('') ​​(normally closed ), document.write('') ​​DC lining diaphragm valve document.write(''), packing type lining fluoroplastic document.write('') ​​butterfly valve document.write(''), do Cument.write('') ​​lining fluoroplastic globe valve document.write('') ​​etc.

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