Changle, Qingzhou and other places in the arch shed watermelons soon to be planted. At present, most vegetable farmers do not raise seedlings in arch shelters. Instead, they have specialized nursery sheds that are transported to arch sheds before planting. In particular, the nursery sheds of some melon farmers are very far away from the arch sheds and require long-distance transportation to transport the guajava seedlings in advance.

In the middle and early February, the outside temperature is still relatively low, with daytime temperatures often falling below 5°C, and sub-zero temperatures sometimes occur. Many vegetable farmers did not do a good job of protection because the melon seedlings were blown by the cold wind during the transportation process, causing the melon seedlings to suffer cold damage, and the leaves lost water too quickly, causing wilting or even dryness, slow seedling slowing after planting, and poor flower bud differentiation. The seedlings are the basis for the growth and development of later watermelons. Once the seedlings are damaged, it takes a long time to recover, and even causes problems such as abnormal flowering and fruiting in the later stages and abnormal fruit formation.

Therefore, to remind melon friends: the melon seedlings must be protected during transport to avoid cold damage. Can be used to transport melon seedlings such as vans, vans, etc. It is also possible to use a plastic canopy on agricultural tricycles to ensure that the temperature and humidity in the transportation process are avoided and cold damage is avoided.

Watermelon planted with insulation film

In the early stages of cultivating watermelons in the sheds, many vegetable growers randomly added insulation films to increase the effect of heat preservation. Some sheds even added four layers. Covering the insulation film more, although it can play a thermal insulation effect, but it also has a negative effect, that is, light will be reduced.

When setting the insulation film, it is necessary to take into account the insulation effect, but also take into account the problem of illumination. The reporter saw in Zhang Wei’s arch shed on Baocheng Street in Changle County that he only had two layers of insulation film on the shed, but the watermelon growth was better than the three-four layer film.

According to Zhang Wei, although we only see two layers of insulation film on the shed, we actually set up seven layers of film, but other films are supported by arches and only covered at night. After the sun comes out, pull out the arch and put it in the operation of the watermelon. Although this can be troublesome, it will not only affect the heat but will not affect the light. How is the seven layers of film dispensed? Two layers of film are placed on the shed, two arches inside and outside are supported on each watermelon culm, and two layers of film are attached to each arch (for the outer arch

The three-and-a-half-metre film is propped up, and then a 2-meter arch is set inside the arch. There is also a layer of plastic film on the ground. The two arches inside were only placed in the absence of sunlight (in the evening and in the morning) until the sun came out and then removed. In this way, seven layers of film can be set up, which can not only keep warm but also meet the light requirements of crops. Watermelon naturally grows well and it is not a problem to be listed in advance.

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