Briefly update the development of China's electromagnetic valve industry technology

First, the main features of document.write ('') solenoid valve document.write ('')

(1) External leakage is blocked, internal leakage is easy to control, and safety is safe to use.

Internal and external leakage is an essential element of safety. Other self-control valves typically extend the valve stem and control the rotation or movement of the spool by an electric, pneumatic, hydraulic actuator. This must solve the problem of external leakage of the long-acting valve stem dynamic seal; only the electromagnetic valve is applied by the electromagnetic force to the iron core sealed in the magnetic isolation sleeve, and there is no dynamic seal, so the external leakage is easy to block. The electric valve torque control is not easy, it is easy to produce internal leakage, and even the stem of the valve stem is broken; the structure of the electromagnetic valve is easy to control the internal leakage until it drops to zero. Therefore, solenoid valves are particularly safe to use, especially for corrosive, toxic or high temperature media.

(2) The system is simple, then the computer is connected, and the price is low.

The solenoid valve itself is simple in structure and low in price, and is easy to install and maintain compared to other types of actuators such as regulating valves. What's more remarkable is that the self-control system is much simpler and the price is much lower. Since the solenoid valve is controlled by the switching signal, it is very convenient to connect with the industrial computer. In today's era of computer popularization and price drop, the advantages of solenoid valves are obvious.

(3) Action express, small power, light shape

The solenoid valve response time can be as short as a few milliseconds, even a pilot solenoid valve can be controlled in tens of milliseconds. Due to the self-contained loop, it is more sensitive than other self-controlled valves. The well-designed solenoid valve coil has low power consumption and is an energy-saving product. It can also be used to trigger the action and automatically maintain the valve position, and it does not consume electricity at all. The solenoid valve has a small size, which saves space and is light and beautiful.

(4) Limited adjustment accuracy, limited media

Document.write('') solenoid valve document.write('') usually only has two states of switch, the spool can only be in two extreme positions, can not be continuously adjusted, (there are many new ideas to break through, but still in the Test trial phase) Therefore, the adjustment accuracy is also limited.

Document.write('') solenoid valve document.write('')
has high requirements for media cleanliness. Granular media cannot be used. If it is an impurity, it must be filtered first. In addition, viscous media is not suitable, and the viscosity range of the medium for a particular product is relatively narrow.

(5) Variety of models, wide range of uses

Document.write('') solenoid valve document.write('') ​​is inherently inadequate, and its advantages are still outstanding. Therefore, it is designed into a wide variety of products to meet various needs and is widely used. The advances in solenoid valve technology are also centered around how to overcome the inherent deficiencies and how to better develop their inherent advantages.

document.write ('') solenoid valve technology document.write ('') development profile

2.1 The development of streamlined direction

To the essence must be simple, only simple can be passed on for a long time.

This is also the permanent pursuit of scientists and engineers.

1 simplified control loop

In the past, a large number of actuators used pneumatic and electric control loops, which increased the complexity of the system, while the pilot solenoid valve formed a control loop using the working medium itself in the valve, and the structure was very simple. In the past, many technical parameters of solenoid valves at home and abroad were also restricted. Now the domestic solenoid valve diameter has been extended to
document.write('') 30Omm document.write('') ; the medium temperature is as low as document.write('') - -200 °C document.write('') , up to document.write('') 450 °C document.write('') ; working pressure from vacuum to 25MPa. The action time is from ten seconds to a few milliseconds. The new development of these technologies can completely replace the two large-volume quick-cut valves and pneumatic on-off valves, electric on-off valves, which can also replace the continuously adjusted pneumatic and electric control valves. (How can we better meet the adjustment accuracy requirements, as described below). In foreign textile, light industry, urban construction and other industries, a large number of solenoid valves have been used, while the metallurgical and chemical industries have taken the lead in using more and more solenoid valves in auxiliary systems. Domestic self-control professional technicians have been paying more and more attention to document.write('') solenoid valve document.write('') .

2 simplified piping system

Document.write('') Automatic control valve document.write('') must also be used with some auxiliary
document.write('') valve document.write('') when working on the pipeline . And fittings. For example, the isolated bypass shown in Figure 1 is a typical installation method. Three manual valves are required. The manual valve 1 is a bypass valve and is manually reserved. The manual valves 2 and 3 are isolation valves to ensure online maintenance of the automatic control valve 5. Of course, you have to have two tees 4 and a union 6. This type of piping system takes up a lot of space, and installation is time consuming and easy to leak. The ZDF series of multi-function solenoid valves have been awarded the Geneva International New Technology Gold Award for the ingenious elimination of these additional accessories. A filter is required on the front of the automatic control valve. The use of multiple self-control valves also often requires the installation of check valves to prevent interference between the pipes. One-way solenoid valves, combination solenoid valves, and solenoid valves with filtration have now played a role in simplifying piping. (The company also introduced a recoil filter valve, switch and filter function, and can clean the filter cartridge without removing the valve, and obtained the Chinese and American invention patents.)

3 simplify the structure and process of the wide door

Document.write('') solenoid valve document.write('') The automatic document.write('') control valve document.write('') , which is simple in principle and structure, is further simplified.

The solenoid valve of the washing machine and refrigerator in the household appliance industry, the structure and process of its components are suitable for mass production. Ordinary solenoid valve coil components have been packaged in plastic to reduce the breakage of the lead wire, and at the same time easy to achieve waterproof, explosion-proof and other protection requirements. Valve body, valve cover and other components have been precision casting, forging and other processes, engineering plastic solenoid valves have also been on the market. Domestic explosion-proof solenoid valves are not only explosion-proof, but also encapsulated and intrinsically safe. High pressure and high temperature solenoid valves have also appeared to simplify the structure and process.

2.2 Development in the direction of intelligence

This mainly refers to how the solenoid valve can better cooperate with the smart meter to improve the control accuracy and reliability of the system.

It is generally considered that the position adjustment is difficult to achieve high precision, but in many cases, the appropriate method can be used to achieve the required high precision, and the cost is greatly saved.

1 double combination
document.write('') ​​solenoid valve
This is a different size document.write('') solenoid valve document.write('') combined.

The fuel dispensers that are used in large quantities have a metering accuracy of up to 0.02%, and both use double solenoid valves. The large valve is opened, so that the refueling is nearly completed in a short time; then the large valve is closed, and the small valve is supplemented to ensure the flow accuracy. This technology has been applied abroad for many years, and its products are manufactured by world-famous solenoid valve specialists
. Now the company's production of double solenoid valves has reached the index of imported products, as well as unique performance. By the way, it is pointed out that the measurement of large-scale flow of domestic oil depots is still introducing or replicating foreign multi-stage shut-off valves with complicated structure and unstable performance. This product is not made by world-famous professional companies because the market demand is not enough to attract them. interest. In fact, our oil depot uses a large-flow dual-combination valve produced domestically, and the effect will be much better.

Double combination valves are also commonly used to control parameters such as temperature, pressure, and liquid level. The large valve guarantees the basic amount and the small valve provides the compensation amount. In systems where the parameters are relatively stable, this positional control can be quite accurate. For systems with large parameter changes, the rate of change is still subject to certain constraints, such as temperature control systems, which are still affected by thermal inertia. Therefore, the properly used double combined valve can greatly reduce the cost relative to the regulating valve under the premise of meeting the control requirements.

2 three-position solenoid valve and digital valve

The valve core of the three-position solenoid valve has three working positions. It is normally not energized and is in the micro-open state.
document.write('') valve document.write('') Providing an initial flow rate; electrical signal to one kind, the solenoid valve is fully open, provide a large flow; electrical signal to another species, document.write ( '') valve document.write ( '') off valve. The valve also has a manual device that eliminates the need for power during long-term valve closing. The three-position solenoid valve can be regarded as a more compact double solenoid valve, which is convenient for three-position adjustment and has many applications.

A further idea is that n sizes of solenoid valves constitute 2n kinds of flow, similar to digital circuits, which are called digital valves. In fact, two different sizes of double or three-position valves can produce
document.write('') 24=16 document.write('') or document.write('') 32=9 document.write(' ') The flow rate has reached a very high precision. In principle, it has advantages with industrial computer, but because the application field has not yet put forward a lot of demand, this technology is still in the experimental stage.

3 self-retaining
document.write('') electromagnetic wide document.write('')

The self-retaining solenoid valve only needs to be energized to complete the valve switching action, and the position of the valve core is not required to be maintained. Its advantage lies in the energy saving, especially in the case of using the battery as the power source, and the temperature rise is not considered, so the coil has a long service life and high safety in high and low temperature, explosion-proof and the like. Commonly, there are mechanical holding and permanent magnet holding, and it is divided into two coils and a single coil, and the single coil magnetic holding structure zui is simple. It is to change the polarity of the DC power supply to change the two states of the corresponding valve switch. This kind of solenoid valve is equipped with a separate switch for the external wiring of the coil, and it is very convenient to be equipped with the smart meter. The IC card pre-charged gas meter and the electromagnetic valve equipped with the water meter are one of the keys to the success of the meter. Among them, the self-holding technology is an important factor in the success or failure of the solenoid valve. The domestic self-holding electromagnetic has become increasingly mature, and the company has become more The home smart meter factory provides matching.

2.3 Development in the direction of generalization

document.write('') magnetic valve document.write('') The application is very extensive, but the situation is very different. The enhanced general performance reduces the cost of manufacturing, purchasing, storage, storage, installation and maintenance. In recent years, this has taken a big step.

1 response time adjustable

The time from the electrical signal to the completion of the spool action is called the response time. Different occasions want different switching speeds, there are four combinations: quick open and close
document.write('') ---- document.write('') For fast response systems; fast open and slow off document.write('') It is used to prevent water hammer; slow opening and closing - for slow start and quick break; slow opening and slow closing - for smooth transition. The ZDF multi-function solenoid valve can be adjusted in any state and the application is very flexible.

2 expansion media for Fan Gu

Document.write('') solenoid valve document.write('') differs from other self-control valves in that the viscosity of the medium is narrow, so the air, water, steam, oil and other media have different structural parameters for the pilot solenoid valve. Generally speaking, it cannot be universal. The ZDF multi-function solenoid valve uses only one small screw, but it is universal for gas, water and oil, and it also greatly widens the viscosity of the oil. It is very popular.

3 adjustable opening and manual

Solenoid valves are often also expected to have a manual function when used, as a backup for power outages or failures. Generally, the manual device can only be manually opened or manually closed, and the two are fully manual. The manual device can also preset the valve opening degree. Generally, the manual can only preset the valve's zui large or zui small opening degree, and the manual manual can separately preset the zui big or zui small opening degree. The ZDF multi-function solenoid valve is completely manual. Other types of solenoid valves can be equipped with simple general manual devices as needed.

2.4 Development in the direction of specialization

In recent years, the sales of solenoid valves have surpassed the regulating valves, mainly due to the sharp increase in demand for various special solenoid valves. The following are introduced according to the media category:

1 document.write('') gas solenoid valve document.write('')

Due to the adjustment of China's fuel structure, the proportion of gas fuels continues to rise, and the demand for gas solenoid valves is also growing. Gas has many kinds of natural gas, industrial gas, city gas, liquefied petroleum gas, etc., and contains various impurities and corrosion conditions, and the requirements for valves are also different. Moreover, the pressure levels vary widely, compressing natural gas up to
document.write('') 21~25Mpa document.write('') And the gas pressure is as low as 2Kpa. China has mature products. The company's CE series gas solenoid valves have been exported to the European Union. It is worth mentioning that dual-fuel vehicles have been continuously promoted in China with the improvement of environmental protection regulations. Twelve cities have already modified tens of thousands of vehicles. Nowadays, more than one set of imported fuel supply devices are used, and the solenoid valves are also Supporting imports. In fact, these solenoid valves are not produced by foreign solenoid valve specialists. The performance test results are not all in line with the relevant technical standards of China's gas industry. The company has already had a more reliable and cheaper special solenoid valve, and is gradually replacing the imported solenoid valve. 2 steaming electromagnetic wide steam solenoid valve must first solve the problem of high temperature resistance, its sealing material, conductive and magnetic conductive materials must be specially selected. The corrosion of steam pipes is quite severe and must be taken seriously. More importantly, there is a lot of condensed water in the steam pipe after the factory is off work. The solenoid valve needs to be able to operate reliably when the gaseous and liquid fluids pass, and there are many strict procedures for factory inspection. The company's ZQDF-3 solenoid valve has been listed as a *new product in 1992. It has been tested by users and has introduced the compact CC series steam solenoid valve in recent years. 3 Electromagnetic valve for electromagnetic wide water is always considered to be simple. In fact, water is divided into tap water, industrial pure water, industrial wastewater, irrigation water, seawater, etc., and its corrosion performance and cleanliness are different. Different solenoid valves are used separately. Although the tap water valve is common, the performance requirements of the valve are different.

For example, document.write('') fire-fighting solenoid valve document.write('') , action reliability is critical, in case the consequences of failure are unimaginable. Even if the ordinary manual valve does not open and close for a long time, it is difficult to open it quickly. In recent years, high-rise buildings have sprung up, and China's fire-fighting solenoid valve technology has also matured.

Another example is that the water plant needs to use the solenoid valve for the inverted siphon line. This document.write('') solenoid valve document.write('') but in the pressure state, it must work reliably under vacuum, never There is an internal leak, and in the case of low water cleanliness, it should still be flexible. The company's special solenoid valve for water plants has been applied in hundreds of water plants nationwide. It is listed as the only recommended solenoid valve by the China Water Association.

In addition, sprinkler irrigation solenoid valves are gradually being applied with the development of China's agriculture and gardening industry.

4 oil with document.write('') electromagnetic wide document.write('')

A wide variety of oils,
document.write('') seal document.write('') technology is one of the keys. Oil resistant document.write('') ​​rubber document.write('') Just the category name, different oils and even different impurities in the same kind of oil need to choose different oil resistant document.write('') rubber document.write('') . For example, being able to withstand leaded gasoline is not necessarily resistant to unleaded gasoline. In recent years, with the increase in sales of dedicated document.write('') solenoid valve document.write('') , the life of dedicated grease-resistant document.write('') rubber document.write('') has also been continuously improved.

The document.write('') viscosity document.write('') ​​of the oil varies greatly, and solenoid valves of different structures must be used.

High-viscosity oils are also often circulated at high temperatures, so document.write('') solenoid valve document.write('') also solves the problem of high temperature resistance. For fuel oil, explosion protection requirements must also be met.

In recent years, the company has successively introduced various document.write ('') special solenoid valve document.write('') ​​for gasoline, diesel and heavy oil, which has been widely used.

5 air conditioning with document.write ('') solenoid valve document.write ('')

Air conditioning is divided into heat and cooling. Refrigerants have changed significantly in recent years, ammonia and freon have been gradually reduced, and new refrigerants such as lithium bromide are gradually increasing. Relevant problems such as sealing, corrosion and life expectancy require careful selection of materials, reasonable design and advanced technology. It is worth mentioning that the air conditioner mainly controls the temperature and humidity by adjusting the air volume, and the continuous adjustment of the valve flow is not absolutely necessary. Now, the valveless air conditioning system is also in use, but it is condemned for problems such as condensation and dripping. Therefore, the structure is simple, and the price of the solenoid valve is the choice of Zui. Due to the influence of foreign traditions, electric valves with complex structures and difficult torque control are still widely used in China.

In the 97-year-old Chairman Mao Memorial Hall maintenance project, the high-precision air-conditioning system was preserved. The company's document.write('') air-conditioning solenoid valve document.write('') ​​was used to obtain satisfactory results. The director of the Memorial Hall of the Central Office of the Communist Party of China also personally sent the certificate of honor to the company. In fact, the commendation should be the courage and wisdom of the engineering design staff. Third, the social progress related to the development of solenoid valve technology The past scientific papers can only talk about technology, and social management is easy to laugh. It is now a consensus that science and technology development depends on and promote social progress. The author is engaged in scientific and technological inventions and management at the same time. It is necessary to talk about relevant contents.

Document.write('') solenoid valve document.write('') is an important industrial product directly related to the safe production of enterprises. In China, due to the poor quality of the solenoid valve, serious accidents such as boiler explosion and fire failure occurred.

The former Ministry of Machinery has already listed solenoid valves as products that are licensed for production and sale. Only about 10 companies with certificates in China. Compared with foreign professional large companies, there are obvious gaps in technical and economic strength. After the reform and opening up, private technology enterprises have risen and have patents approved in the United States, Japan, and Europe. Products have gradually entered the markets of developed countries, and their economic strength has also continuously enhanced SMEs that have surpassed their foreign counterparts. However, there are dozens of unlicensed production enterprises, and many counterfeit and inferior designers mistakenly believe that the quality of China's solenoid valves is still not enough. Advances in the industry in recent years have produced the following gratifying changes.

1 The attitude of worshiping foreigners is still serious, and the national self-confidence is constantly improving.

In the 1980s, the introduction of complete sets of equipment brought a lot of document.write('') solenoid valve document.write('') . In the 1990s, famous foreign companies set up offices in China. The use of imported solenoid valves once became the fashion of self-control engineering. . Designers know that imported products are obviously at a disadvantage in terms of price, delivery time and after-sales service, but Zui finally chooses it. Some of them are of course necessary, while others choose ordinary products from small companies such as Taiwan, South Korea and Italy. Document.write('') solenoid valve document.write('') is definitely different from space shuttle. After all, it is just a small product. In this market, the Chinese are fully capable of dominant. In recent years, the satellite launching base, Daya Bay Nuclear Power Station and Shanghai Baosteel Maintenance Engineering have documented the document.write('') solenoid valve document.write('') , which reflects the continuous improvement of our national self-confidence. As the company's products are exported to Europe, the French Science and Technology Quality Supervision and Evaluation Committee also lists the company and its products as companies and products recommended to the European Union.

2 Unfair competition is extremely serious, and the legal concept is constantly

Joining the current electromagnetic valve industry unfair competition is extremely serious, unlicensed production, unlicensed sales, counterfeit patents, counterfeit trademarks, counterfeit factory names, false advertisements, false products can be seen everywhere, consumers suffer. There has been a document.write('') solenoid valve document.write('') that requires the company to change due to the YJ trademark. A look at the connection flange is 2" and the actual diameter is insufficient
document.write('') 3Omm document.write('') It is known to be a counterfeit product. Now the designers all indicate the certified production units on the drawings, and the procurement personnel also know that they should be directly related to the certified units and their authorized dealers. In recent years, with the IS09000 quality system certification gradually implemented in China, everyone gradually and consciously choose the certified enterprises. All of this shows that the concept of the rule of law is constantly strengthening.

3 document.write ('') electromagnetic wide document.write ('') selection is more complex, technical management staff is more dedicated

Document.write('') solenoid valve document.write('') ​​has never been included in the textbook of self-control, many people think that the selection is very simple, experienced designers know that this gadget must be taken seriously. There are dozens of types of solenoid valves classified on their structure and principle. Considering various technical parameters, there are tens of thousands of cross combinations. Design and procurement personnel gradually learned to choose correctly in the dazzling, in addition to collecting and researching sample materials, they also directly negotiated with manufacturing companies, and the bulk or important personal inspection of the economic and technical strength and technical guarantee capability of the production plant, deepening their original Users, on the ground to understand the use of the product.

Everyone now has an economic account, but this is by no means a simple comparison of offers. In addition to safety, application, durability, aesthetics and other performance impact prices, it is also related to the performance and cost of the entire automatic control system, piping system, which has become a comprehensive knowledge. The company has a technical service department, which attaches great importance to services such as consulting, modeling and piping system design before sales. Design, procurement and management personnel are highly responsible for careful selection, and their professionalism promotes and promotes the continuous development of solenoid valve technology.

China's document.write('') solenoid valve document.write('') is learning from foreign advanced technology and developing in its own constant invention and creation. Its development has prompted people to constantly update their ideas. At the same time, only the social legal system is more sound, the quality of the whole people is improved, and the document.write('') solenoid valve document.write('') technology can develop faster and better.

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