First, nursing to achieve "three defenses"

- Prevent suffocation. When cows have a difficult birth, calves in the mother's body suffer from asphyxiation symptoms due to prolonged occlusion of mucus and amniotic fluid. When the yak suffocation is mild, the breath is weak and rapid, and the time is slightly longer. It can be found that the mucosal hair group, the tongue hanging outside, the mouth and nose is full of amniotic fluid and mucus, the heartbeat and pulse are fast and weak, the cornea is reflected; when the yak is severely choking Breathing is stopped, the mucous membranes are pale, and the body is soft, the reflection disappears, the pulse is not touched, and only the heartbeat is heard.

When calves suffocate, artificial respiration can be performed to lower the calf's head and raise the hindquarters. One person holds the two forelimbs and pulls it back and forth. It alternately expands and oppresses the chest cavity. Another person wipes the nostrils with gauze or towel. And mucus and amniotic fluid in the mouth. When doing artificial respiration, you must have patience until the yak has normal breathing to stop. Artificial respiration can be used in conjunction with drugs that stimulate the respiratory center.

- Prevent constipation. Constipation usually refers to yak within 24 hours after birth, does not defecate, dorsal arch, tail, etc., severe abdominal pain, loss of appetite, rapid and weak pulse, rectal examination can touch dry hard fecal block.

Yak cows have constipation and must be enemaed with soapy water. Rectal infusion of vegetable oil or paraffin oil 300 ml, can also be hot and massage the abdomen, or use a large towel, etc. to wrap the yak belly warm, reduce abdominal pain.

- Anti-Omphalitis. Omphalitis is an inflammation that occurs when yak's umbilical cord is infected with bacteria after its birth. The calf feels pain when palpating its umbilicus. Under the skin of the umbilical cord and its roots, a thick cord like a pencil rod can be touched and a thick smelly pus can flow out. In severe cases, swelling often affects the surrounding abdomen, and the calves experience symptoms such as mental depression, loss of appetite, increased body temperature, rapid breathing and pulse, and increased temperature in the umbilical cord.

When the tissue around the umbilicus of yaks is inflamed, the umbilical hairs are first cut off for disinfection, and penicillin procaine injection is injected subcutaneously around the umbilical cord, and the area is coated with a mixture of retort oil and 5% iodine. . If there is abscess and necrosis, drainage should be performed and the necrotic tissue should be eliminated. After washing with disinfectant, sprinkle with iodosulfamide or nitrofurazone and other antibacterial and anti-inflammatory drugs, and wrap the area with a bandage.

Second, management to achieve "five not"

- Do not ignore disinfection. Yak's resistance is low. Therefore, after the yak is born, alkaline sodium, lime water is used to completely disinfect the ground, walls, railings, and food troughs. It is once a month in winter and 2 to 3 times a month in summer. If an infectious disease is found, the environment and utensils contacted by the dead cattle should be thoroughly disinfected.

- Do not drink enough water. After the yak is born, the cow's milk can not meet the normal metabolic needs of the calf, so give the cow enough clean drinking water. During the lactation period, the cows should also be provided with sufficient drinking water.

- Do not make the fence unclean. Periodically clean the bar and brush the body 1 or 2 times a day to ensure that the calf is not contaminated with sewage and faeces.

- Do not let the calf squawk. After each feeding is completed, the yaks should be cleaned and wiped cleanly so as not to cause their own nasal discharge and cause paralysis. For yak that has already formed a skeleton, correct it by placing a small plank in front of the bridge of the nose.

- Do not limit calf movement. Yak is in a stage of growth and development. Increasing the amount of exercise can enhance the yak's constitution. Don't limit your movements because you are afraid of calves running around and chaos.

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