Carrots are rich in vitamins and nutrients and have a reputation as "small ginseng" in the public. Both men and women love to eat. Carrots for large-scale commercial production, we must pay attention to the improvement of the internal quality, especially in the growth process, encounter an unfavorable environment often occurs bifurcation phenomenon, which will greatly reduce the value of carrots, and then affect the vegetable farmers The proceeds. Then, what problems should be paid attention to in preventing the production of carrot forks?

Deep plowing and cultivation of carrots should be deep plowing, deep plowing not less than 25 cm, fine 2-3 times, and strive to make the farming layer deep and loose. At the same time, in combination with soil preparation, the hard materials such as bricks, stones, and tree roots in the soil were picked out.

Choose the best kind to choose the quality of the root straight, not easy to fork the high quality products, such as the Japanese new Kuroda five-inch ginseng, red-five-inch, Thailand three red and so on.

When choosing a new species to purchase, it is necessary to select fresh, full, and fully developed new seeds produced in the current year. Try not to use Chen seeds in the next year.

Timely watering of carrot During root enlargement, it is necessary to ensure adequate water supply and prevent soil from drying out. When watering, be sure to pour and pour, don't pour "running water".

The scientific manure application of chicken manure, cow dung and other base fertilizers must be subjected to high temperature fermentation to achieve full maturity. Combined use of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium ternary compound fertilizers to spread the fertilizer evenly.

Prevention of Insect Pests In the August and September period, the roots of carrots are inflated. It is necessary to timely pour and control underground pests such as earthworms to avoid their harm. Phosphorus and other highly effective and low-toxic pesticides should be used to irrigate the roots. The amount of mu should be between 1 and 1.5 kg. Water should be poured before and after the evening.

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