1. The farming cycle is short, the capital turnover is fast, and the effect is quick: the factory raises the quail from the juvenile crickets that have just shelled and develops the goods that weigh about 500 grams. The fastest available is 12 months. In Japan, it takes about 14 months. The fastest in our country is also Up to 14 months; and in the spawning ground in the greenhouse, the relatives can be mated and spawned all year round as long as they are properly cultivated; in the computer-controlled incubation room, the hatching of the eggs takes only about 40 days, and the hatching rate can reach 95%. It takes 50 to 70 days at room temperature. The entire production cycle has been greatly shortened, and investment in the current year has been achieved, which has been effective in the year.

2. High yield per unit area: Factory-cultivated aquaculture ponds are mostly reinforced concrete pools or masonry-structured ponds. The stocking densities are quite large. Roots blower aeration, aeration, and pool water exchange are frequent and can always maintain high dissolved oxygen and fresh water quality in water. In the pool, the activity space is very small. Adding 3 to 4 feedings a day, like a cage fish, the clam can only feed and grow, so the yield per unit area is very high. ~ 6 kg.

3. High recovery rate and high survival rate: Due to the shelter of greenhouses, the breeding environment is not affected by adverse weather conditions such as wind, frost, snow, rain, and high and low temperatures, and there is no outdoor earthen pond in the mud. For example, as long as the management is strict, the water quality is fresh, and the disease prevention and treatment are timely and reasonable, the planting culture can achieve a survival rate of more than 95% and a rate of withdrawal.

4. Easy to manage, provincial labor: In Japan and other developed countries, water temperature regulation of factory breeding farms, regular water quality monitoring, regular water injection, sewage, inflator has achieved full-process computer automation control, the entire staff are mostly managers, equipment monitoring There are few manual workers and maintenance personnel and technicians. In China, although there is still a large gap from this level, the traditional physical conditions such as clearing and disinfecting ponds, changing water, pulling nets, and trampling are no longer visible, and only one or two jobs are required for each greenhouse. Personnel are responsible for feeding, disinfecting and opening and closing sewage and changing water valves.

5. High investment, high risk, high yield: A large-scale factory breeding farm, with large investment in infrastructure and provenance, often ranging from RMB 1 million to RMB 10 million. However, high investment can bring high profits. The larger the scale, the stronger its ability to resist market shocks and the more significant the benefits.

6. High-tech and scientific management: Every aspect of factory culture contains high scientific and technological content. From breeding technology, feed production technology to automation control technology, every advancement of science and technology will soon be applied to production. In factory management, modern management concepts and management methods are comparable to other industrial enterprises. Small mistakes in every aspect can lead to serious consequences. The light is a pool of losses. Severe cases may cause heavy losses to a greenhouse or even the entire farm. It can be described as "missing in the slightest, and taking thousands of miles."

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