For the identification of male and female pigeons, four can be mastered:
One is that pigeons that grow fast and have large bodies are most cocks in their pigeons;
Second, when the pro pigeons are feeding, it is the cocks that are rushing to be fed first;
The third is when the shell is 4-5 days old, see the anus from the side, the lower edge of the anus is short, the upper edge covers the lower edge of the cock, the upper edge of the anus is short, the lower edge covers the upper edge of the hen; viewed from the front The cocks have anus at both ends of the downward bend, and the hen's both ends of the anus turn upwards. But after 5 days of age, it is impossible to identify with the anus;
The fourth is to put his fingers in front of the pigeons at the age of 10 days. The reaction is sensitive, the feathers stand upright, and the cock is the cock.
The identification of the male and female birds can be distinguished from the following four aspects: nasomas, hernias, cuddly eggs, forms, and estrus.
The first was nasomas, a pair of old birds of the same age, and the males had large and wide nasal tumors, and the hens had small and narrow nasal tumors.
The second is the cockroach. The cocks are wide and short, and the cocks are narrow and long.
The third is the hug of eggs. Between 17 o'clock in the afternoon and 9 o'clock in the next day, most of the hugs are hens. From 10 am to 16 o'clock in the morning, most of the hugs are cocks;
The fourth is the form. The cocks have relatively large bodies and feet, and the hens are relatively small. The cloak of the male pigeon is small and five-star-shaped, and the cloak of the male pigeon is large and semilunar.
The fifth is estrus, and the cocks are aggressive. They often chase hens or spin around the hens, and the neck feathers bulge, giving a "squeaky" sound; the hens are "squeaky" and immobile.

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