1, the water temperature is too high. Excessive water temperature will affect the growth of fish. For example, the optimum temperature for the growth of fish such as bluegrasses, grasses, cockroaches, cockroaches, cockroaches and cockroaches is 23∽28C. Tilapia grows fastest at 25∽35C. Therefore, if the water temperature exceeds the suitable temperature for fish growth in summer, cooling measures should be taken.
2, bad water. The water color is reddish or brownish, and there are floating foams or oil film on the water surface. When the water has an odor or foul smell, it is extremely harmful to the growth of the fish. In this case, let go of bad water and add new water.
3, the transparency of the water is too small. Generally, eutrophic water and fish pond water are more than 30-40 cm in transparency. If the transparency is lower than 20 cm, it means that there are few plankton and it is not suitable for fish growth.
4, the dissolved oxygen in the water is too low. The optimum amount of dissolved oxygen for fish growth is 5∽8mg/l. When the dissolved oxygen in water is less than 2mg/l, oxygenation measures should be taken.
5, the dissolved carbon dioxide content in the water is too high. The carbon dioxide in water is an essential substance for plankton, but its content should not be too high, generally it should be below 80mg/l. If it is too high, it will cause great harm to fish.
6, the PH value of the water is too high. The PH value in water should be 6.5∽8.5. When the water pH is lower than 5.5 or higher than 10, it cannot be used as fishery water.
7, the content of nutrients in water is too high. The amount of nutrients in the water is closely related to the growth of fish. For example, nitrate in water is most easily used by green phytoplankton, and the general content should be kept at 1∽2mg/. If it exceeds 3mg/l, it will cause oxygen deficiency in the water, causing fish Death class.
8, harmful substances in water. The harmful substances in the sewage include cyanogen, phenol, mercury, chromium, lead, and petroleum. Therefore, the sewage should not be allowed to enter the pond.

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