Small Tail Han Sheep Small Tail Han sheep is a famous breed of meat and quail sheep both in China and even in the world. It has the advantages of early maturity, multiple births, multiple lambs, rapid growth, large physique, multi-flesh production, good molting, genetic stability, and strong adaptability. 4 months of age can be fattened slaughter, the annual slaughter rate of more than 400%; 6 months of age can be fecunding, annual output of 2 children, fetal birth 2 to 6, sometimes up to 8; average lambing rate of more than 266% per child , More than 500% per year; Weight up to 40 kg at 6 months of age, up to 88 kg at age, and up to 100 to 120 kg for adult sheep. In the world sheep breeds, the Small Tail Han sheep have high yields, large heads, and good results. They have been designated by the country as excellent breeds of famous animals and have been hailed as China's "national treasures," "super sheep" and "high-legged sheep" varieties. It eats green grass and straw. It is "delicious" and "beautiful" for humans, and "gold" and "silver" for farmers. It is not only one of the best projects for rural households to get rid of poverty and become rich and affluent. It is also the safest project for poverty alleviation by the government. It is also an important measure for the country to close down the farmland, grow grass and raise sheep, and build ecological agriculture. Appearance characteristics:
Individual tall, well-balanced body structure, hairy white, raised nose, ear drooping, fat tail rounded, tail tip upturned, tail length but no fly; chest width and depth, ribs open, back straight, body length was round Cylindrical, limbs high, robust and healthy. The head of the ram is large and thick, with large horns in the form of a spiral, and the ewes have small heads and necks. Most of them have horns and their hindquarters are well developed. Variety characteristics:
It has such characteristics as early maturity, early growth and development, high physique, good meat quality, estrus in four seasons, strong reproduction, and hereditary stability. Production performance:
Two-year or three-year and five-year births, with 3-5 lambs per litter, up to 8; average body weight is 85 kg for rams and 62 kg for ewes; 98 kg for rams and ewes 70 kg. The average amount of sheep sheared was 3.5 kg, and the amount of ewes was 2 kg. Sexual maturation started 5-6 months earlier and the estrus rate was 260-270%.

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