First, leaf spot disease mainly dip dyed carnation leaves, mostly from the beginning of the lower leaf disease. When the disease is severe, the diseased part of the plant is distorted. The diseased leaf withered and hangs upside down on the stem but does not fall off. The incidence of old leaves is heavy and heavy, and new leaves are less. The incidence of open-air cultivation of carnation is more than that of greenhouse cultivation. Control methods: From the initial stage of disease onset, regular spraying, picking buds and cutting flowers should be followed by spraying fungicide to protect them. Can be sprayed with 75% chlorothalonil wettable powder 800 to 1000 times. In addition, pay attention to drainage in the rainy season, greenhouse cultivation to maintain ventilation.

2. Fusarium wilt disease Carnation Wilt disease can occur throughout the growing season, causing the plants to wither and the leaves and stems to be straw-colored. Cross-cut diseased stems, showing brown rings. When temperatures are high, it develops extremely rapidly and seriously. Control methods: Treat the soil with 58% Benzoate 1000 times solution, or 50% Ketoxan WP, 50% Carbendazim 500X before planting the soil before planting. During the growth period, the diseased plants should be promptly removed, drainage should be avoided, and the roots of carnations should be avoided as far as possible to prevent the invasion of pathogens.

Third, viral disease Virus disease often causes carnations to grow weak, flowers become smaller, petals appear variegated, calyx cracking and other symptoms. Control methods: Strictly implement the quarantine system to prevent diseases from spreading to disease-free areas. Carnation virus disease is mostly transmitted by locusts. It can be sprayed with omethoate or anti-invasive insecticides. Diseased plants should be cleared and destroyed in time to control the spread of diseases.

Our garlic products also include various kind of deydrated Garlic Powder,garlic flakes, fresh and frozen Peeled Garlic,Garlic Braids,etc. besides garlic, we can supply a variety of other local agricultural products,such as carrot, giner,onion,potato,etc.

1. Commodity name: Fresh Carrot

2. Feature: washed, polished, no mechanical damage, bright red color
3. Size: 80-150g; 150-200g; 200-250g; 250-300g
4. Packing:
1) 9kgs/carton, 10kgs/carton, 20kgs/carton with inner plastic bag
2) according to the clients' requirements.
5. Supply Period:
a) Spring season: From March to July
b) Autumn season: From October to December
6. Conveyance: 26-30MT/40' HR (loading quantity depending on packing)

7.Transporting and storing temperature: 0°C


Fresh Carrot

Fresh Carrot

Fresh Carrot,Bulk Fresh Carrot,Fresh Red Carrot,Fresh Organic Carrots