1, the nutritional needs of farmed fish:

The optimum requirements for the main components of protein, fat, and sugar in fish feed vary depending on the type of fish, food habits, different stages of growth, water temperature, water quality, and feeding.

2, fish with feed formula:

Here are some of the main fish feed formulas for readers' reference.

(1) Shepherd's compound feed: fishmeal 35%, bean cake 47.5%, barley 15%, yeast 1%, mineral 1.5%, plus multivitamin, feed coefficient 2.26.

(2) Formulated feed for grass carp and bollock head bream: fish meal 5%, bean cake 33%, wheat bran 26%, starch meal 12%, pine needle powder 7%, minerals 2%, oil foot 1%, crude protein content 25 %, feed coefficient 2.1.

(3) Carp formula: 5% mussel flour, 30% Peruvian fish flour, 15% soybean cake, 40% bran, 10% barley, 1-2% multidimensional and mineral substances, 28-36% crude protein, feed The coefficient is 1.83--1.92.

(4) tilapia compound feed formula: wheat bran 30%, bean cake 35%, fish meal 15%, corn flour 5%, eucalyptus leaf powder 5%, barley 8.5%, auxin 1%, salt 0.5%, crude protein The content is 34.6% and the feed coefficient is 2.03.

(5) True Quen formulated feed: fishmeal 50%, peanut cake 25%, wheat flour 12%, bran 5%, fish oil 5%, vitamin 1%, mineral 3%.

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