If a mechanical failure occurs during the operation of the tractor, light traffic accidents result, the person is injured, the vehicle is damaged, and the vehicle is destroyed. How to predict tractor operation failure and avoid accidents? Here are 8 simple methods:
1, shape forecast. By observing the appearance of the tractor, if there is any abnormality, such as the tractor is parked on a flat road with a tilt, the tire has abnormal wear, scratches, parts missing, etc., and the operator should be vigilant.
2, gap prediction. The clearances of all parts of the tractor have their standard values. If the clearance is too large or too small, it means there is a fault.
3. Leakage prediction. For example, if the sealing performance of some parts of the tractor deteriorates, water leakage, air leakage, oil leakage, and electrical leakage occur.
4, fuel consumption forecast. Various fuel consumptions of tractors have standard ranges. If there is a significant increase in fuel consumption, it indicates that the tractor has hidden faults.
5. Sound prediction. If some parts of the tractor rattle during operation, the part is faulty.
6. Odor prediction. When driving, if you smell an abnormal smell (burnt smell, etc.), it means that the car is malfunctioning.
7, temperature forecast. Feeling excessive temperature in driving, or stopping inspection midway, touching the temperature of each part of the vehicle is not normal, such as touching the brake drum, tires, rear axle housing, transmission shell, etc., the temperature makes the hand unbearable, which indicates that the tractor exists malfunction.
8, performance prediction. Various performances of the tractor will decrease with the increase of driving mileage, but it is slow and it should not be felt. If the performance suddenly deteriorates during driving, it indicates that there is a fault (such as the rapid decline of the engine's power performance, brake failure, etc.). ).

Nail art is a kind of work to decorate nails (toe), also known as art design. Nail is the process of disinfecting, cleaning, nursing, maintaining, and beautifying the finger (toe) armour according to the guests' hand shape, nail shape, skin texture, and the color and requirements of the clothing. To complete this process, it is necessary to rely on the nail table, Manicure Table is also divided into two categories, one is the Wood Top Manicure Table, the other is the glass top manicure table. It is divided into a single nail table and a double nail table. It is divided into a table with no drawers and cabinets, can it be folded, etc.

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