The cotton seedling management measures should focus on overcoming the adverse effects brought about by various natural disasters and other unfavorable factors, pay attention to improving the growth and development environment, realize the early growth of strong seedlings, and lay a solid foundation for winning high-yield harvests throughout the year.

Check and fill in time. Dingmiao density farmer Yan Yun: "Spring less seedlings, less ten pieces of autumn, a thousand acres less seedlings, 25 kg of lint lost." Explain the importance of checking the seedling protection density. When the cotton seedlings are unearthed or seedlings are transplanted into the field, check the seedlings as soon as possible. If you find that you are short of seedlings, you must fill the seedlings immediately. Spring cotton generally fills the seedlings in early May and sets seedlings afterwards. The seedlings of the supplemented seedlings mainly rely on pre-prepared nutritious seedlings, preparatory seedlings, and extra cotton seedlings in the field to solve the problem. Transplanting with nutrients, transplanting with soil and transplanting of sprouts after rain may be used to make up for the density. Based on this, timely seedlings are to be planted. In addition to the cultivation of the two strains, only one plant per hole will be left, and the weak will remain strong, the nutrient consumption will be reduced, and the strong seedlings will be cultivated. During the symbiosis of cotton intercropping with cotton, it is inconvenient to make up and set the seedlings.

Prevent pests and diseases. Diseases at the seedling stage include: blight, anthracnose, and red rot, etc., which often occur at low temperatures and rainy weather, causing sick or dead seedlings. Strengthening field management, timely cultivating after rain, loose soil, and increasing ground temperature can inhibit the occurrence and development of Miao disease. The seedbed sprayed with 1:1:200 Bordeaux mixture, or 65% 250% folicone/FONT 500 times solution, or 1000 times carbendazim, or stalked plant ash had better disease-preventing and nursery effects.

Insect pests: Heavy weight occurs in spring cotton aphids, red spiders, thrips, and corn borers occur lightly; wheat sets are the opposite. Prevention and treatment should be based on the actual situation, with some emphasis. Can use monocrotophos, methylamine tablets 7? / FONT 10 times liquid smear; or 200 times the drop heart; or use 0.6 mm hole spray cover, top heart and tender leaves. Both treat maggots, red spiders, and thrips, as well as treat corn borers, ground tigers, and cotton bollworms.

Timely cultivating and irrigating the spring (grass) spring cotton seedlings during the cultivator, mainly grass and wet soil loose after rain. The weather is light and cultivating is easy and the cultivator is easy to deepen after the rain. Before and after wheat collection, there is no rain, and after harvesting, it should be watered first and then culminated in cultivator; rainfall has a good moisture condition, and cultivating and removing hoeing, breaking the knot, and loosening the soil will cause the roots to hang down and the cotton seedlings will grow faster and longer.

Watering. Live spring cotton (including mulch cotton) is not particularly drought at the seedling stage, and generally does not require watering, which causes the roots to stand under the shoots, which is conducive to seedlings. However, during the symbiosis period of wheat, the wheat consumes large amounts of water, the soil is severely compacted, and there is no downfall before and after harvesting. After harvesting, it must be rushed to protect the seedlings to prevent the death of a large number of dead seedlings due to high temperature and drought. The earlier the watering time is, the better it is. It is very important to compensate for the loss during the symbiosis and restore normal growth as soon as possible. When watering is late, the cotton seedlings will grow slowly and will inevitably delay late-maturing production.

Rational fertilization. Spring cotton in the application of base fertilizer, seedling stage generally do not need to re-apply Miao. However, when wheat is interplanted or set, it is generally not applied to the base fertilizer due to inconvenient fertilization; in addition to the large amount of fertilizer consumed by wheat, the cotton field is seriously deficient in fertilization after harvesting wheat, combined with cultivating, removing water, and timely fertilizing and supplementing nutrients. It is very important to build a shelf as early as possible to promote strong seedlings. Generally can be applied urea 7.5 kg. To create a high yield, the best combination of cultivator eradication, Mu deep soil miscellaneous fertilizer, cake, phosphorus and potassium fertilizer and the amount of trace fertilizer, etc., the effect will be better.

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