1, grape water jar disease, also known as color disease, manifested as abnormal fruit coloring, red (purple) color light shade dark, dull, white varieties of fruit bubble-like, soft flesh, peel and pulp easy Separation, as a package of acid water, the sugar content of the diseased fruit is significantly reduced, the acidity is increased, and it is not edible. The disease often occurs at the tip of the grape ear or on the deputy panicles. The incidence of grape culms is small, and the culprit grapes are easily detached. The disease is mainly caused by malnutrition or nutritional deficiencies. Generally, the disease is severe when the tree vigor is weak, the weight is too heavy, the result is too much, the fertilizer and water, and the effective leaf area is insufficient. High groundwater level or grape ripening period suffers from rainfall, especially in the event of high temperatures, high temperatures and high humidity in the fields.

2. Grape burn disease, also known as sunburn, mainly occurs at the shoulder and sunny side of the ear, and the affected grape grains form pale brown dry cocoons, micro depressions, and the disease is rough and uneven. Sunburn is easy to infect pathogens and cause fruit rot. The disease is mainly caused by the grape granules under high temperature and strong light, the local temperature of the grape granule surface is too high, the water is misaligned and causes burns, or the leaves and grape granules compete for water, causing the grape granules to lose water locally, and then caused by high temperature burns. . The incidence of different varieties is different, Red Globe, non-nuclear white chicken heart disease and other types of disease, Kyo light. The grape type and management level also have a great influence on the severity of the disease. Sheds are heavier than scaffolds, and the orchards with high groundwater levels and poor drainage have a more severe disease, and the incidence of partial nitrogen fertilizers is also heavier.

3, grape fruit cracking occurred in the grapes after the color change period, the grape fruit peel together with the pulp longitudinal cracking, longitudinal cracks from the top of the grapes to the grape fruit stems, and even exposed the core. The disease is mainly caused by prolonged drought in the grape growing season. Suddenly it encounters rain or water, the pulp grows faster, breaks the peel, and results in cracking. In addition, some grape varieties produce fruit too tight, with the increase in fruit size, squeezed fruit particles, or poor peel toughness can lead to fruit cracking.

4. Physiological defoliation of grapes is mainly caused by soil drought or excessive soil moisture.

5. Grape deficiencies mainly due to different soil and cultivation management factors, some vineyards often have different levels of nutritional deficiencies, lack of any one of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, boron, zinc, iron, calcium, magnesium, etc. Species will affect their growth potential, plant weakness, reduce yield, affect quality, severe plant premature aging, induce some invasive diseases and aggravate hazards, will also reduce the other non-infective diseases such as cold injury, freezing injury , Drought, sunburn and other resistance.


(1) Add organic fertilizer. Sapling orchards should be timely castrated, deep plowing the soil every year in late autumn, increasing the Application of decomposed organic fertilizer, strive to obtain more than 1.5% of organic matter content in soil, and the amount of fertilized fertilizer should be at least kg pounds. According to the growing trend of the plants and the law of fertilizer requirements, formula fertilization should be implemented. Appropriate amounts of nitrogen, phosphorus, potash, and trace elements are applied to the topdressing or foliar application of the soil to avoid partial application of nitrogen fertilizer.

(2) Scientific irrigation and drainage. According to the soil moisture content of the vineyard, timely irrigation and drainage to avoid drastic changes in soil moisture content.

(3) Control the amount of results. After flowering and thinning and fruit thinning after flowering to maintain a suitable amount of fruit set and to avoid overloading the tree, it is often used for scaffolding or small scaffolding to increase the height of the ear.

(4) Reasonably trimmed. Growing trees with strong growth and over-nutrition should be cut lightly, long-distanced and weakened. Keep as few as possible or leave no panicles. Each ear should have at least 16 leaves remaining. For varieties that are prone to sunburn, the leaves should be properly shaded near the ear during summer cuts, but excessive leaves in other parts should be preserved. Remove it properly so that it does not compete with the fruit for moisture.

(5) cover the film and bagging. The use of mulching film has a significant effect on the protection of pods and also has a good effect on the prevention of physiological cracking. Bagging can prevent the occurrence of sunburn disease and physiological cracking disease, and can also prevent the infection of fruits and insect pests and pollution of pesticides on fruit products.

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