At present, there are many rabbit breeding farms on the market that are hare rabbits, such as Belgian rabbits and Saibei rabbits. Among them, the appearance of the Belgian rabbit is the closest to wild rabbits. Please make more comparisons with farmers so as not to be fooled.

First, compare the looks. The hare has a small head, fine neck, and no meat. The two eyes are divine, and it is obvious that they are fierce.

The Belgian rabbit has a wide-brained forehead, a short neck and a fleshy, but it is underdeveloped and looks gentle and likable.

Second, the coat comparison. The hares of the hare have black stripes and khaki body hairs, regularly arranged on the body surface, very beautiful. The gun hair is long, sparse and evenly spread throughout the body (except the abdomen) and can be seen at a glance. Rabbits have coats under the body and will run.

Belgian rabbits are dark red and brownish. No obvious black patches. The gun hair is short, only slightly thicker than the body hair. It is not easy to see if you do not look closely. It takes a week or so for the rabbit to grow body hair. But if these two rabbits only look at the abdomen and tail, they are extremely similar and it is difficult to distinguish between true and false.

Third, body shape (body weight) comparison. The hare is slightly slimmer, slender in limbs, and small in its ears. The weight is generally 2-2.5 kg and the maximum is 3.5 kg.

Belgian rabbits are large and long, with thick limbs and wide ears. The rabbit is a large meat rabbit, which can grow to about 3 kg in 3 months, adult weight 5.5-6 kg, up to more than 7 kg.

Fourth, character comparison. The hare will desperately escape the Tibetan mastiff. Although domesticated domesticated rabbits are docile, the wildness has not fully receded and is very alert. As soon as cats, dogs, weasels, and other predators or strangers suddenly enter the breeding grounds, they will also bump their hands in varying degrees, or find hiding places to hide.

Belgian rabbits and other rabbits are usually gentle, and there is no riot in the absence of predators.

Fifth, breeding comparison. Hares, also known as grass rabbits, are breeding season from January to September each year. The hare pregnancy period is 40-41 days. The day when the female rabbit lays down the puppies begins to mate with the second child. One female rabbit breeds 4-5 fetuses in one year. Under normal circumstances, the first fetal rabbit is mostly in that year. Two or three children 4-6, normal about 7 later, winter without birth.

Belgian rabbits are large meat rabbit breeds, with an annual output of 4-5 fetuses. Female rabbits can produce male rabbits to mate with their rabbits within 24 hours. They are called blood combinations (similar to rabbits). The Belgian rabbits are pregnant for 30 days, with 7-8 babies per fetus, up to a maximum of 16 animals, and no calving during the summer hot season.

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