During the winter period, it is the high season of fish blight, and the disinfection of fish species must be based on the prevention and control of hydromycosis. After the specific drug malachite green is banned, high polyiodide is an ideal drug for the prevention and control of hydromycosis. The full name of high polyiodide is compound S high polyiodide. It has a strong killing effect on bacteria, viruses and fungi, and its bactericidal power is more than 10 times higher than that of povidone iodine. In addition, the high polyiodide contains a higher content of traditional Chinese medicines, and it has the function of healing wounds extremely quickly for fish species that are injured due to net operations and long-distance transportation.

The method of using high polyiodide: soaking and disinfecting fish species, 10 grams per cubic meter of water body, bath for 10 minutes to 15 minutes. Quanchiposa in a pond with a concentration of 1 meter deep per mu uses 100 ml to 150 ml. The fingerlings should be sterilized in a timely manner. Disinfection should be done on the same day as the day they are placed. Do not use salt to disinfect fingerlings during autumn and winter season so as not to damage the mucus on the surface of the fish and cause the death of the fingerlings.

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