The lack of green feed in winter, cattle and sheep are easy to lose weight, how to prevent this phenomenon?

In addition to doing well in cold insulation and sanitation, we must also take three measures.

First, when the weather is sunny and the wind and warm weather, grazing in the grass or hills and trees, so that cattle and sheep choose to eat fine grass and leaves. In particular, eucalyptus leaves contain more lysine, which is beneficial to the health of cattle and sheep.

The second is that when the weather is cold and heavy snow cover, cattle and sheep must be fed, it is necessary to choose some good dry grass, if there is better silage. Also often fed with carrots, squash and other juicy tuber feed.

The third is to change a single concentrate to feed. In the cold season, farmers and specialized households often use corn or bran as supplementary feed to feed cattle and sheep. This results in poor feeding. Supplementing some compound feeds often doubles the effect. Its formula is: corn 10%, melon dry 10%, sorghum 8%, oil cakes (bean cake, cotton cake, peanut cake, etc.) 10%, bran 60%, bone meal 1.5%, salt 0.5%. Modulation method: after crushing the above-mentioned various feeds, adding water and mixing them to allow them to adhere, and then drying in the sun, they become irregular shaped and not very strong pellet feeds. The texture of this feed is crunchy, palatability is good, and cattle and sheep are particularly fond of eating.

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