The pomegranate is thermophilic and drought-tolerant. In the fruit ripening period in September, if there is rain and high humidity, it will cause cracking and rot, which will seriously affect the commodity value of the fruit. During the expansion of pomegranate fruit, the following measures can be taken to prevent cracking.

First, make up for high energy calcium. Calcium can increase the peel toughness and crack resistance. From the beginning of August, the fruit surface spray 0.5% high-energy calcium, once a week, and even spray three times.

Second, sticking tape. From late July to early August, stick the tapes soaked with 10-30 mg/liter gibberellin at the pomegranate fruit bowl.

Third, spray urea. In mid-August, the wind-free weather was selected around 5:00 pm. The trees were sprayed with 0.3% urea once a week and sprayed three times.

Fourth, shop reflective film. In August, along the tree line with the trunk as the center line, the tree disk was trimmed into a two-sided slope with a middle height and two low sides. A reflective film was applied and a work belt with a width of 30 cm was naturally left between the rows. In this way, rainwater can flow out of the park along the operation belt, which can prevent fruit cracking caused by a large amount of water absorption in the root system.

Stationary TMR Feeding Mixer

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TMR feeding mixer

Stationary Tmr Feeding Mixer

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