Professor Xu Rongxiang, a famous Chinese life medicine scientist and chairman of Beijing Meibao International Group, today presented the Science Information Report to the heads of the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Ministry of Health. The report stated that, in due course, the company will fully disclose the "Second Life Regeneration Science" system created by its inventions in the publication of various texts in the world and the patent applications of various countries, and to the international community with the open model of Zui. Announce the results of a new life science research that everyone can enjoy immediately.

Professor Xu Rongxiang presented the progress of life regeneration science research he has been conducting for many years in the "Science Information Report" submitted to the national authorities. He said that the "human secondary life regeneration science" is their own system, which is the use of the human body's second life regeneration potential and the supply of regenerative nutrition to achieve the body's various organs, tissue self-regeneration and renewal relay, in situ regeneration A new life science system that restores aging and protects organ health and life span of cell properties. The overall applied research has been completed, and some of its fields are already very mature in use technology, involving all human life and health.

According to Professor Xu Rongxiang’s Science Information Report, the “Second Life Regeneration Science” system is completely different from the embryonic stem cell research, genetic engineering, tissue engineering, and medicine that are currently being explored in the life sciences. The system is about natural life attributes. Maintenance, so there are results that everyone can apply as never before.

This Science Information Report also lists examples of a patient's thumb regeneration. After the patient's thumb was broken, although most of the basic ability of regeneration was destroyed by conventional surgical treatment, the timing of regeneration was delayed, but after a second regeneration on the newly regenerated limb, Zui finally realized the break. Refers to regeneration recovery. The regeneration of the broken finger refers to the simultaneous in-situ regeneration of more than sixty organs and organs such as all organs, muscles, nerves, bone tissue, tendon and nail bed of the skin, which proves the existence of the human body's regeneration potential, and the regeneration can be controlled. of.

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