On December 25th, the Changzhou High-tech Research Institute of Nanjing University and Changzhou Fangyuan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. jointly signed a technical cooperation project on “New Technology for the Production of Etimicin Sulfate”. Vice Mayor Wang Chengbin attended the signing ceremony and delivered a speech.
Changzhou Fangyuan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise in our city. It owns the only new class of aminoglycoside antibiotics with independent intellectual property rights in China. It has won the second prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award and the first prize of Jiangsu Science and Technology Progress Award. The Changzhou High-tech Research Institute of Nanjing University is a research institute jointly established by the city and Nanjing University in Changzhou Science and Education City. Over the past two years, it has undertaken more than 50 corporate projects, which has injected new vitality into the development of the city's enterprises.
"Etinimicin sulfate" is an aminoglycoside drug. The research and development of the new technology by Fangyuan Pharmaceutical and Nanda Research Institute will greatly increase the production of such drugs and bring greater economic and social benefits to Fangyuan Pharmaceutical. . On the same day, the two sides also reached a cooperation intention to jointly declare the national technology center and develop a series of new products.
It is understood that the Changzhou Research Institute of NTU has had many experiences in production, research and research cooperation with Fangyuan Pharmaceutical. Vice Mayor Wang Chengbin hopes that the Changzhou Research Institute of NTU will organize and carry out technical research, further expand cooperation areas, strengthen strategic cooperation and multi-level cooperation, and contribute to the development and development of Changzhou Pharmaceutical Industry.

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