Fermentation bed is a new pig house and supporting pig raising technology.

Intuitively speaking, the technology of raising pigs in the fermentation bed is to replace the current concrete ground sty, with a new swine model that has a fermentation function in the sty. The floor of the pig sty in the fermentation bed is paved with litter added with a special fermentation bacterium. The raw material for the litter is preferably sawdust, and rice husks and crop straws may also be used. Fermentation is the process of growth and reproduction of pigs' excreta as the main food, with the help of sawdust and other litter.

During the fermentation process, the excreta decomposes to generate gas and bacterial substances, and at the same time generates a certain amount of heat. The water in the excreta is transpired by the heat generated during the fermentation process into the air and discharged together with other gases produced by the fermentation. The fermentation process not only completely decomposes the pig's excreta, but also provides the pig with a warm stable on the ground and comfortable living conditions as well as the bacterial substances for the pig. In this way, pig breeding technology in the fermentation bed has achieved two major goals. First, there is no excretion of urine and no pollution to the environment. Second, the pig’s own living conditions and original living habits are greatly met, and the pig's Healthy and healthy, the pigs are less sick and grow faster.

According to whether the padding advances during the fermentation, the fermentation bed technology is mainly divided into wet fermentation bed and dry-sprinkling two modes. Older fermentation beds are wet technologies and wet technologies have more defects. In order to solve the problems existing in wet fermentation beds, Beijing Huaxia Kangyuan Science and Technology Co., Ltd. has developed a technology to raise pigs in the Jinbao dry-sweeping fermentation bed. The operation of the piglet technology in the kingpin dry-sweeping fermentation bed is simple and convenient, the pig raising efficiency is improved, and the long-term effect is reliable. It is a major progress and improvement of the fermentation bed technology.

In a nutshell, the technology of pig breeding in Jinbao fermentation bed is based on microbiological and ecological principles. It uses a unique active compound microbiota to continuously and steadily convert pig excreta waste into gas, useful substances and energy, and to achieve complete excrement and urine. A new environment-friendly breeding model with no pollution and zero emission targets for degradation.

Fertigation bed pig raising technology is also called ecological pig raising technology, natural pig raising, and zero-emission pig raising.

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