1. It is necessary to strengthen and improve various technical measures in formula fertilization. In the process of formula fertilization, it is necessary to fully improve the fertilization parameters, such as the amount of nutrient absorption per unit of output, soil nutrient utilization, fertilizer utilization, etc. These parameters are constantly changing with the changes in production conditions, based on the original laboratory soil and plant nutrient requirements. At the same time, new environmental conditions analysis items (such as water quality, soil hazardous material content, fertilizer and pesticide pollution, etc.) have been added to continuously enrich fertilization parameters and optimize formula fertilization.

2. To increase the proportion of organic fertilizer in formula fertilization. Organic manure has the characteristics of complete nutrients, long-term fertilizer efficiency and no pollution. High-efficiency organic manure can increase soil organic matter content, improve soil water storage and fertilizer retention capacity, improve soil physicochemical properties and aggregate structure, and improve the quality of agricultural products.

3, to increase the use of trace fertilizer and biological fertilizer nutrient balance can be used to balance the crop nutrients, and biological fertilizers can secrete physiologically active substances through their own microorganisms, can play a nitrogen fixation, phosphorus, potassium, Decompose other micronutrients in the soil, increase the utilization of chemical fertilizers and organic fertilizers, improve soil physicochemical properties, enable soil to provide various nutrients for crops, promote crop growth, increase crop yield and product quality, and at the same time decompose the soil Harmful chemical substances and killing of harmful bacteria, reducing chemical fertilizers, pesticide residues and harmful bacteria.

4, to coordinate the relationship between a large number of elements and trace elements People in formula fertilization, often pay attention to the use of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and other large elements, while ignoring the application of trace elements fertilizer. The addition of trace elements or spraying of trace element growth agents and composite biological growth agents can provide balanced supply of nutrients, promote rapid transformation of nutrients in crops, reduce the accumulation of harmful substances, and promote disease resistance, disease prevention, and increase production and increase of crops. A good way to quality.

5, in the crop fertilization on the past to change the traditional way, change the blind fertilization to optimize formula fertilization.

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