First, deep turn the soil. Combined with the base fertilizer, the soil in the garden can be deep-ripened and the drainage system can be well-organized.
Second, apply base fertilizer. Basal fertilizer is dominated by decomposed farmyard fertilizers, supplemented by chemical fertilizers. In general, Mushi composts 3000-4000 kg of organic fertilizer, 10-15 kg of potash, and 35-40 kg of phosphate fertilizer. Do not accelerate nitrogen fertilizer when applying basal fertilizer.

Third, pay attention to trim.

(1) Pay attention to the selection of excellent annual branches. This new shoot is generally thick and round, with a small pith, short internodes, and protruding knobs. The branches are yellowish-brown and reddish-brown. They should have long internodes, large piths, and long shoots and flat branches. Sparse or short cuts should not be retained.

(2) Take care to prevent clipped buds from being dried or damaged. Grape pith has a large pith, loose tissue, and easy evaporation of moisture, so trimming should be 3–5 cm away from the bud.

(3) Pay attention to the direction of cutting. Cut as much as possible on the opposite side of the clipped bud.

(4) Pay attention to the cultivation and utilization of sprouting branches at the base. Sprouting lychee usually has long internodes and small buds. It should be cut off from the base. However, when standing and lateral vines are senescent, the sprouting twigs can be used for renewal. When the shelves are vacant, they can be used to make up for the planes.

Fourth, clear the garden. It mainly removes fallen leaves and weeds, and burns them in concentrated form (it cannot use leaves as fertilizer). At the same time, Baume 5 degree lime sulfur was used to spray fruit branches, poles, and ground. When the buds sprouted in spring, they were sprayed with Baume 3 degree lime sulfur.

Fifth, timely winter irrigation. In case of severe drought in winter, the soil is dry, and the application of organic fertilizer is relatively dry, and winter irrigation should be performed timely.

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