After many years of practice, there are many drawbacks in feeding the cement floor housing. After many years of hard work, Beijing Huaxia Kangyuan Technology Co., Ltd. has basically overcome some of the shortcomings of the feeding of cement floor pens, and the environment has returned to the scattered state in a certain degree. Life is easy and comfortable.

In the current general-purpose cement floor pens, the number of pigs bred in single laps is generally less than 20 heads, and no more than 25 heads. Sows are generally not reared in multiple laps. Because of fear that more pigs will fight. Moreover, some experts have put forward the theoretical basis for pigs can not be fed in large circles. However, in the Jinbao dry-leaf-fermenting bed, in addition to suckling sows and boars, pigs and sows can be fed in large circles, even up to 200 pigs per lap.

Why are the pigs fighting in the concrete floor pens? The basic reason is that pigs live uncomfortably and have a bad mood, so there is more conflict between them and they will fight. The Jinbao dry cauldron bed has basically eliminated the damage to the pigs on the concrete floor pens. The pigs are comfortable in life, have a good physique, are in a good mood, and the groups live in harmony and the problem of fighting is solved. Even if there were individual fights, there would be no case of fighting, and after the lap was over, relatively weak pigs could have sufficient space to escape when fighting.

Under large-circle feeding conditions, the pigs live in a spacious space, which guarantees places and conditions for sports and fun. Pigs have enough exercise and fun in everyday life.

Arch excavation is a habit left by the ancestors of pigs. The purpose is to find food and it is a means of survival in the wild state of pigs. Folding the litter in pigs on the fermentation bed not only brings joy to life, but also fulfills the desire to explore. Pigs have something to do to fill the emptiness of the pigs that scale pigs have nothing to do and improve the pig's happiness.

Wuyang Xinyang Animal Husbandry Co., Ltd. of Henan Province has nearly 10,000 pigs on hand. At the beginning of July 2009, two new Jinbao dry-leaf-fermentation pig houses were established and more than 400 pigs were raised. Compared with the pigs in the original pens, the pigs in the fermentation bed were clean, spirited and long. From August 28 to September 5, there was a continuous high temperature and hot weather in the area. From September 2nd to 6th, most of the pig houses experienced significant heat stress symptoms such as elevated body temperature and reduced food intake. The pigs in the fermentation bed that are identical to the pig breeds, feed, and ventilation cooling measures in these houses are safe and sound.

This case vividly confirms the conclusion that dry-sweeping fermentation beds can significantly improve pigs' environmental adaptability.

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